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The Definition of Insanity

What’s the definition of insanity?

Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” – Albert Einstein

For me, insanity is standing still, in one place, knowing that I am not doing what is best for me;
knowing that while others are apparently thriving, that I am standing still;
knowing that I am not making the progress that I want despite my best efforts;
knowing that I have given my current methods ample time to work;

…knowing that the current situation is not working for me, and yet, via this insanity factor, I am clinging and continuing to say, “This is working for me. This must work for me. It worked for that girl.”

Or the equivalent to what Tony Robbins says in the Netflix documentary, “There are no weeds. There are no weeds. There are no weeds.”

If we are:  stuck, not happy, going nowhere, the current situation is not working, we’re hearing contradictions from the same sources …then why are we ignoring the elephant in the room?

Why do we stay where we are stuck?

Why do we allow people to tell us that it’s okay to be stuck, that it’s our own body that needs to figure things out, and we are the ones doing it wrong?

FINALLY, why do we cling to the idea that we must be left to figure these things out on our own?

When we are stuck, a course of action, a place of hope, with people who have actually struggled with the same things—with real results that allows us to figure out the next step is the biggest comfort in the world.

When we are lost, the best thing to hear is, “Yep. Me too, I have been there, and this is how I came out o the other side.”

I think it’s convenient to allow others to place the blame on us, to say, “Well, trust yourself.”

Trusting ourselves is a place that is hard to get to, and we don’t get there after getting beat down over and over by ourselves. Yes. We are trustworthy.  We can get to the place where we trust ourselves. That’s exactly the goal. I say that over and over again.

BUT we learn to trust ourselves when we see progress in how we feel, how we perform and how we feel between the ears.

Growth builds trust. Growth and trust is a process.

Sure, there is “no one right diet that works for everyone all of the time… true compassion is not only being supportive of others’ personal choices, but also being true to your own bio-individuality.” –Joshua Rosenthal, the person who coined and trademarked the term “bio-individuality”.

What happens when you are doing all the things that you “know” are healthy, but you are sitting there, stuck?  What if what you are doing is clearly not furthering your health and weight goals? Who says that you need to keep blindly wandering around, trying to figure out something that works with little sound bytes of information being thrown at you?

I find it comforting, nice to have some guidance on a complete methodology that has worked for someone like me.

I firmly believe that setting a foundation for health and wellness is vital, necessary and wonderful. I stand by that, and I stand by the great things that I have learned, gained and grown from the programs over the years.  I have never said otherwise.

BUT, like in work and life, I also stand by making a change when necessary.

I also stand by the fact that things run their course, and when we are ready, we take the next leap – relationships, goals, nutrition, to race distances, to jobs, whatever.  Taking a leap somewhere bolder and more natural for you is invigorating. It’s also calculated, and wise.

It allows us to take control of our situation with real methods and guidance that can helps us break through.

We are allowed to change.  We are allowed to evolve.  We are allowed to wear bikinis instead of sweaters.

And drink water instead of wine.

We are ALSO allowed to say, “X worked great for me for X period of time. X took me from point A to point B… I am grateful for X.  But I am ready to go to point C. And I am going to try Z to take me there.”

We are also allowed to stop the food shaming and the shaming in general of other’s choices. That is not helpful. That is not kind. We can choose to walk away from that kind of mentality. [That’s not good for anyone.]

Who in the HELL says that we can’t change course and try a new way?

CHANGE is precisely what creates growth.

Why is the fact that I tried a new way for myself, quietly, for over 6 months such a mystery?

I mean when I am a semi-public figure, why in the world would I change my eating habits and tell everyone from Day 1, “I am doing something new! Come with me!” when I could just confuse and mislead and make a mess of people who have grown to trust me?

What if, what I was trying, didn’t “work” for me? Then what?

“Just kidding, y’all.”

I take this platform very seriously (okay, really not that seriously), BUT I take my relationships with you all seriously. And I know that many of you have been with me for years and that you trust me.  That’s why I do what I do.  So I tried something new.  I stuck to the methodology of Metabolic Efficiency Training™, and I made excellent progress after being stuck.

Then I figured out a way to bring it to you, those of you who have told me, “I am stuck.”

You all who have been with me long enough know that when I say “Try this,” that I believe in it.

And there are only a few things things that I “take back” that I recommended—but hindsight is 20/20—that weird energy drink from 2012 – but I don’t think any of y’all bought those anyway! 🙂  I stand by my recommendations. I am not taking back ANY of them.  Well, except that energy drink.  (You do the best you can with what you know at the time.)

As usual, I am moving forward, kicking ass and showing you all what is NEXT for me, and if you want, for you too.

Isn’t that PRECISELY what the idea of bio-individuality is? When something isn’t working, we try new things and see if they work for us? When it works, we do it and keep doing it?

Taking control of your eating, your health, your blood sugar and your bio-individuality is key to living life. I have never said otherwise.  But I think when you follow this method of figuring things out for yourself, there is one of two things that happens:

  • That push is all you needed, and you are off to the races. Weight is dropping and you feel amazing and don’t need anything else. (If that is the case – then great! I’m not even talking to you right now, except to say ‘congrats and awesome’!)OR
  • That point is just the beginning, the tip of the iceberg, if you will—you feel good. Things are better. But there is something missing. You now want some concrete ways to balance blood sugar, to tap into the fat loss, to go to the next level. To move forward.

If we are going to believe in the concept by Rosenthal of bio-individuality, then there is TRUTH in the fact that sometimes, what we are doing is NOT serving us—and we need to figure out what works for us—and seek help to find it.

That is what I did. I took my foundational blocks, I applied what I knew, and when I went searching for more. I admitted that the blocks on which I built my foundation were sound, but I needed to tweak some things.

That’s when Metabolic Efficiency Training™ came into my life.

And this is the difference between tweaks between Point B to C.

(Oh, and I can’t wait to keep going.)

[Also, don’t be jealous of my Spiderman towel.]

Here’s the thing: if what you are doing is working for you – then great – keep going.

Do whatever makes you happy, healthy and wise.

Just keep your heart and your eyes open, and remember that growth is so much of what matters in life to keep us on the path to our most authentic, productive and amazing selves.

It’s okay to change course, do something new.  We are excited for this journey with sooooo many of you who have said, “I’m in!”  It’s going to be ah-maz-ing!






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