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The Last 100 Miles

Today was “the LAST 100 miles,” because: 1) it’s the last 100 miles I will ride in training before Ironman Coeur d’Alene, and 2) the last 100 miles I will EVER ride in training.   Okay, maybe not EVER. (Yes, it is!)  Okay, maybe not. (Yes, it is!)

Me and my trusty stallion, Andy.

Me and my trusty stallion, Andy.

I experienced a lot of emotions going into Athens today for the Wheels to the World Century ride.


First, because the Expert and I spent over six years in Athens at the University of Georgia, and we had tons of fun and memories there…

But I also spent some of my roughest times in Athens.  I was incredibly unhealthy for the years we lived there.  I entered college a healthy, ex-weightlifter—-and I exited law school as an overweight, un-exercised, smoking, drinking, pale and angry sloth ….(are those enough bad adjectives for you?)

But we had fun.

So coming into Athens for an event like a century ride was … well, a tad surreal.  What? We aren’t DRINKING in Athens? WHY are we HERE then?


Anyway, Yoda, Columbus and I met at the Classic Center for another attempt at 100. I say “attempt” (for me) because after the Storm-a-palooza and the Dick Hill “Mantrum” weekends… I was down to my last 100.  I had planned to ride at least 6 rides of 100 miles…. this would be my third. Batting 500. I’d take it.

Columbus had some in-parking-garage mechanicals before we started.


And then he posed by the Bulldawg. Even though he graduated from Georgia Tech. His family might disown him for this.


And we were off.

The routes were marked with blue spray paint and the letter “W.”  Abou 2 miles in, I saw this on the road, and I told Yoda that I thought we missed the turn.


So we turned.

And I was wrong.  We figured it out pretty quickly and looped back. I took Yoda to the scene of the marking.

“That’s a water meter marking,” Yoda said.

“Oh,” I said.


I LOVE this picture of Yoda!

I was no longer in charge of directions.

The ride was long (duh), but we had a good time.  The sag stops were pretty few and far between, but the ride was very well supported by SAG vehicles.  There were only 18 of us doing the 100 miler, so I was glad that Yoda and I had each other.


The day heated up pretty quickly and with about 29 miles to go, we found a gas station and had a Diet Coke fix.

We saw this sign on the bulletin board.


You cannot beat a small Georgia town. That is all. Only in a small town would someone lose their cows (on a Friday night) and post a sign.

A prank caller’s dream…. “Oh, I saw two cows, but I think they were about 240 pounds. And I’m not sure if they were heifers…”


I rode FREE for 100 miles.

Meaning, I totally left my Garmin sitting on the counter at home.  I asked Yoda every so often where we were, time-wise, and distance… but for the most part, I just rode and didn’t worry.  I liked that.

Good climbs. Good average pace.


After the ride, I ran a quick 20 minutes and that was that.  Ride felt good. Run felt great. And I am ready for a new day of swimming and 10 miles of running tomorrow.

We are officially in June.  And it’s 22 days until race day.  Night night.




  • Haley

    June 1, 2013 at 10:39 pm

    Hey there Meredith! Im a 23 year old Oregonian been reading your blog for about 6 months and I just have to tell you You are AMAZING! Reading about your journey is so so inspiring and because of you I know I will run AT LEAST a half ironman in my lifetime. I can’t wait for you to cross the finish line at couer d’Alene and to read all about it. You have worked so hard and deserve all the happiness and confidence in the world. You go girl! I know you’ll kill it if you just give your all <3 . You are an inspiration to all woman to dream big and push themselves and their fitness goals. Thank you!!

    Eugene OR – moving to New Orleans June 17th with my BF

  • Jamie@southmainmuse

    June 2, 2013 at 5:58 am

    Hey Meredith. Found your blog through Another Mother Runner. I live in Madison, GA and yesterday was hot. Glad you got your 100 in. My bike is getting some TLC at the moment at Sunshine in Watkinsville. I too graduated law — from Emory — many years ago. I’ll be following through your blog. If you’re ever on Main Street in Madison give a knock on our door.

  • Erin

    June 3, 2013 at 11:18 am

    Ummm, I tried to turn onto the highway (I-25) on-ramp instead of the frontage road yesterday towards the end of my century ride. I figured it out pretty quickly and gave the cops a good laugh.

  • Linda

    July 5, 2013 at 5:09 am

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