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Ironman Stalked. Check!

[I couldn’t have made this up if I tried.]

After this morning’s post about my random stalking of the Mr. / Mrs. Ironman at my office building, I have some breaking news.

As I was leaving today…there SHE was!!!

Oh, so I could just post this statement, and you guys would say “oh funny” and we’d have a jolly laugh. However, I thought, What if they think I am making that up?  I have to preserve my journalistic (and stalking) integrity!!!

So SHE is fit (a given) and has curly blond hair. Maybe 5’6″ or so. Maybe mid-thirties?  Early forties?   Hard to tell.  She was wearing sunglasses.

I was frozen!  I could run towards her, flailing my file folder and iPhone, screaming, “Hey, it’s me! Your new best friend! I like triathlon! Hey! Hey….”  But she was getting in her car, and besides the fact, my little intro would be quite awkward, and at least I recognize that little fact.

Anyway, I couldn’t let this post go without some proof.

So ta-da!  Here’s the proof that not only have I lost my ever-loving triathlon mind… but that I am willing to admit it.

This is her pulling out of the parking space.  No way, you say.
Yes, I say.  Yes, I did.  I took a picture.  With my thumb in the way! (I had to pretend I was texting, people. Give me a break). 
[Fast forward… five months from now]
Dear Ms. Ironman,

Now that we have become the very best of friends, I feel that you might somehow find out about my past Single White Female tendencies, so I do want to apologize, and admit my wrongdoing, following you around the lobby and up and down the elevators.  I know it was weird and I am very sorry. 

But hey – look on the bright side! That was a fun weekend bike ride we had, wasn’t it? And way to go on your PR at NOLA!  I mean really….all my stalking was worth it, right?  Right?

Love (always and forever), 

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  • Karen

    December 2, 2011 at 12:05 am

    LOL! at least you have a face to go with the car. Easier to stalk that way… 🙂 I met a blogger at Augusta and it was soooooo awkward. I knew it was her because you know we like to post pictures of ourselves all over the internet and she was a pretty popular blogger. She had zero clue who I was PLUS I had the post race high going so I came off as a total idiot. It was a "you don't know me but I know everything about you" verbal vomit kind of thing. Not my finest moment.

    Maybe next time you see her just casually ask about the sticker – maybe ask her what race she did to get things going.

  • Duckie

    December 2, 2011 at 3:35 am

    LOL! I used to park a few spaces away from an ironman in my apartment building's parking garage (pre-Texas). I used to check out his car, his bike rack, HIS BIKE (he would load it up the night before a race and back the SUV up to the wall)!! Yeah, I finally met him too. I am impressed that I did not ask for his autograph or try to hug him. I might have tried to set a word-speed record. I am amazed he did not take out a restraining order.


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