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How to Blog: Part I

I’ve received lots of email lately about how to blog. For starters, really, I have no idea how to blog, so I am probably not in a position to dole out advice.  (Not like that has stopped me before). And I have limited HTML skills.  I’m not sure if you want to take my advice.  But it’s not like you are asking me “how to eat healthy for six-pack abs.”  

But I think this little post is important….because many of you want to share your fitness journey too, to open up that accountability gate, to put your crazy dreams out there.  Therefore, if I can help in any way, that’s what I want to do.
So here’s part one of SBM’s How to Blog class.  Take it for what it’s worth.  
  • Identify Your Goal: 
    For me, I wanted to become a triathlete [or become a less fat version of myself]. And that was a super big long shot goal. In blogging, once you know your purpose for blogging, the “what do I write about” question becomes moot.
  • Identify Your Vessel:
    What blogging program are you going to use?  There’s a million of them out there. Just Google “free blogs.”  As for me, I use Blogger (a Google brand).  I like it because the blog is tied in with the entire Google universe, which from a working perspective feels easy.  Then there’s WordPress (which makes beautiful blogs, and I have heard from bloggers that WordPress is the blog tool… I’m too old and set in my ways with Blogger now… but check it out), Typepad, MyBlogSite, and more.
  • Identify Your Brand:
    Okay, so “brand” is a little strong.  But once you know your purpose and your vessel, you must come up with your blog title. The next step after creating a blogging account is to choose your web address, or domain.  So think about that.  While you can always change your blog artwork, your domain is more or less for life (of course, there are other ways around this, like redirecting, starting over, etc.), but for the most part, if you start out as, then you might be living with that for an eternity.
  • Do Your Homework:
    I am still surprised at the amount of “work” a blog takes.  I spend alot of time figuring out basic HTML and photo editing, trying to answer emails, and more.  Still, if you want to simply blog to share your journey, just start writing and you’re there.  Most of the blogging programs are user-friendly.  You can be a published blogger within 20 minutes.  
  • Go Social
    Learn to navigate Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr, RSS feeds, link exchanges and more. Read other blogs. Plus, you meet some really cool people in social media.  If I could get a job as a Social Media Strategist (my imaginary dream title and job), I’d be sick happy.  But meeting the new people – that is my favorite part of the social media world.
  • Just Keep Moving Forward:
    In blogging as in triathlon, you must do it often. Write and publish often (and learn to multi-task):

Hope this helps. As always… I love you guys.  Happy Sunday, and happy journey in blogging.


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