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As I wind down from a long Memorial Day weekend, Savannah style – full of shrimp, beer and laughs – I need a giant whip to crack over my head in the morning.

I am packing my gym bag for a swim/run in the morning, and I am dragging lead weights behind me.  I am so ready for this training…. and the “70.3 miracle” that I declare “certain” to happen.  But the motivation is, so far, external (people saying “yay, go you”) and I have not quite tapped into the true inner “go me.”

But tomorrow, as I put my slightly fatter buns into the swimsuit, strap on the goggles and swim cap, I am hoping my inner motivator decides to also appear for the same swim date.

If tomorrow…no one has heard from me by seven o’clock… somebody start hurling the “lazy bones” insults via Facebook.  Because I need it.  Accountability is everything at this point.

Happy workweek, everyone!


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