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Bodybuilding and Limits BREAKING

Why in the world would I (me, Meredith, this one) even THINK about training for a figure/ body building competition?

I mean, I am so far away from that it doesn’t even seem like it could be on the horizon. Like, ever.

[Pssssst: I once heard those same words about IRONMAN.]


I have heard negative rumblings about what a dumb choice it is, how much it will mess up my already messed-up body image, and more.

So, I want to be very clear on WHY am making this choice.

First, it’s no one’s worry what I do with my body. Now, that small fact is out of the way… here’s some info for those who truly care to understand why.

I underwent an experiment on myself over the last year (more to come on this in the #NextBook)… and one of the things I realized is that I have a core belief that I cannot change my body.

In my head, I’m a scared little 10-year old … on Weight Watchers, stuck, miserable and hungry. So hungry. So sad when I couldn’t eat. Devastated when I gained weight. Devastated when I lost weight (because it was never enough).

I have struggled with my own limitations surrounding my body (shape and size) for way too long. Despite triathlon, CrossFit, weightlifting and other feats of strength, I still struggle.

I want to not only break through those limitations, but I want to SHATTER the limiting BELIEFS wide open.

So like many of you who watched my journey from can’t-run-can’t-swim-can’t-bike to four IRONMANs, here’s another something to watch.

Yet, this is a journey of different proportions. Because it’s about something more than moving forward—but yet, it’s not. Because this journey is so rooted in discipline, monotony, concentration and rigidity. It’s a solo journey too—not many training partners, weekend runs or rides or events to keep me going.

Just me, my headphones, leggings and Instagram.

This is a journey that (of course) can be categorized by the naysayers and haters as selfish and aesthetic—stupid and silly—fat-shaming and ridiculous.  But of course, I could care less what anyone thinks. I have been around the world on what other people think of me… and that’s none of my business.  #YearOfNoNonsense

For me, however, this particular journey (I’m 7 weeks in) has been life-giving, inspiring, habit-forming, reality-landing, bullshit-breaking… and gets me saying “hell yes” every single day.

I am showing up for ME.  For the challenge. For the discipline.

And at the end of day, isn’t that what it’s all about? Finding our WHY and then going after it?

I say, YES.

But I also am purposeful in finding joy in the journey and every single second of progress and lessons learned along the way.

So that’s what I’m up to.

That… and writing books, moving to Kansas, interviewing cool people (like Bob Harper!), and going back to school #yourmomgoestocollege.  And of course, doing triathlons here and there—especially in the new hood #WINforKC




  • Duckie

    January 15, 2019 at 6:09 pm

    This is freaking awesome! You do you! And yes… what other people are thinking is none of your business. I’m excited to watch this journey!!! Much love!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Kelly Martinez

    January 24, 2019 at 3:38 pm

    Hi Meredith. I am so excited to watch you on your journey to competing in a bodybuilding show. I have followed your triathlon endeavors and you have always been so motivating. I can’t wait to hear about this next chapter in your athletic life. Do you know what show you are shooting to compete in yet?


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