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Race Report: Allatoona Triathlon 2014


What Race:

PT Solutions Acworth Sprint Triathlon
Dallas Landing, Acworth, GA
June 29, 2014
500 meter swim / 16 mile bike / 5k run


The Report

So I do not like hills.  On the run. On the bike?  Sure. On the run? No.  I do not like them Sam I am.  

And Allatoona Triathlon?  Holy Hills, Batman.


I had a huge chuckle from FB Friend, Paul, and his “race report” about Allatoona in the Tri-Fecta group:

Here is my race report for Allatoona:
Swim: didn’t drown possibly the best OWS I have had.
Bike: got chicked by Meredith at about mile 13 on an uphill…
Run: Well, if you call what I did running, then you got issues. The hills sucked, and someone was on crack when they chose that run course. Walk back to the start of the race over a mile away… Priceless. Was still a good time with an awesome group of people.

Haha, Paul! Loved it.

So the race. A really lovely day for a race. Can’t ask for better weather in June in Georgia.  A reasonably “cool” but humid morning, topped off with a sweltering end of the day heat.


I struggled a bit on the run (oh dear! what a blimy surprise!), but considering how hilly the run course was, I was pretty thrilled to pace out at 12:30 — because I did a shameful amount of walking.


The night before, I had a lovely dinner with one of my athletes downtown Acworth.  Race morning, I ran into lots and lots of the SBM Army, and some new friends too.  Saw Smitha(from Faux Runner) earlier in the week on a ride, and then saw her again at the swim start.  Spent some time with with Lisa, Carrie, Luis, Fred, and Swim Bike Kid’s Todd, and of course, Coach Brett.


Cannon Cyclery was the bike course sponsor, and Curtis, was manning the bike maintenence tent and said, “Mere, your spokes are jacked.”  He took Andie the Bike and fixed her up good as new. (Had my front wheel on backwards. #amateur).

Before ya know it, it’s “go” time!

A quick dip in the water and reminders from Coach Brett (“ah-hem, use your left arm when you swim, please”) and time to race.


Good solid swim, but much slower than I usually manage a 500. Not sure why.  I didn’t go into Zone 5–maybe that’s why.

This is a great beginner swim course, for those looking. Very well “manned” by volunteers and the water is nice, compared to some other bodies of water around Atlanta.  The wave starts are small enough where you don’t get beat up.


Always looking awesome out of the water with goggle eyes and swimcap head!


Took my damn sweet time in T1, to put on socks, bake a cake, chit chat with volunteers.

Just wasn’t moving very quickly.  Got on the bike, and my body goes “game on!”

This girl loves to be on a bike.  Which girl?  THIS GIRL!



This course is very similar to the Acworth Womens Tri, which I have done the last three years.  [Race Reports here from 20112012 and 2013].  Except, there’s an additional few miles that are apparently mountains.

Okay, not mountains. But some pretty decent climbing towards the end of the course.

Who has a crooked helmet?

Me! Me! Me!


Overall, I was pleased with the bike. At times, I felt like I could be going much faster, but I was pleased with my fastest 16 miles on a course at 19.2 MPH.  (The Acworth Tri last year, I did 18.0 MPH).

All of Coach Brett’s power workouts are paying off.


Didn’t quite take my damn sweet time on this one.  Was out and on the run pretty quickly.


Well, I took off at a 10:00 min/mile pace, which never bodes well for me.


By the time the first mega-climb hit, I was toast.  Thus, began the shameful walking of the 5k course. Something that I “should” be able to run.  Now, there is no general shame in walking – not saying that.

It’s just, I have done this run course before – and I have done it without walking.  I can do it without walking, but I didn’t have the cajones this time.

Did some pretty righteous prancing, though:


Plus, I had obliterated my legs on the bike.

The sun really started beating down that last mile and I was ready for the end of the race.

As you can tell here:


Overall, a fun day topped off with some serious hooting and hollering at the local Waffle House with eight or so crazy tri friends.



20/39 (35-39 AG)
Swim (500m):  12:14 (2:24/100m pace – not my best work)
T1: 1:25
Bike (16 miles):  50:33 (19.2 MPH)
T2:  1:08
Run (3.1 miles):  38:21  (12:20 min mile)
Overall:  1:43:38




  • Heather

    July 2, 2014 at 5:57 pm

    It was a fun race, even with a hot hilly run! I definitely wasn’t expecting that long climb at mile 12 of the bike, but kept trucking along. It was great seeing the SBM Army represented out there! Thanks for the shout out as you zipped past on the bike, as I need all the help I can get when it comes to biking ; )

  • Gael

    July 3, 2014 at 6:53 am

    Enjoyed this report. It’s my Open Water Sprint debut this weekend. Likely to take me over two hours. My mantra will be ‘Just keep moving forwards’ : )


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