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Turning Green

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All the love is my own. #turnitgreen
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The Swim Bike Family made some mega “green” moves lately.

And I made a video. And the people say, “Oh lawdy.”

So the Swim Bike Family has been working on teaching the Swim Bike Kids about living for a bit of a greener future. Our family tips for getting the kiddos involved?

1) Read. Finding some great kiddo books to read to them about the environment. I am partial to Little Critter.  Cuz  I loved that little guy as a kid!

2) Engage the Audience.  The audience being the kidlets. By asking the kiddos questions about how they would like to save the planet and why, it really gets them excited about learning. Some of the answers to the questions are hilarious.  “Because we need a home, mommmmm.”  Okay, yes.

3) Lead by example.  We recycle where we can and drive the “beep beep” car – which is the family nickname for our electric car.  We call it a “beep beep car” because it’s so teeny and the horn is very beepy.  We obviously ride bikes a lot—teaching the kiddos that bikes ARE a way of transport… not just cars (beep beep ones or otherwise).


Although I haven’t made the brave move of commuting to work (because I can’t figure out how to pick the kids up from school on MY bike… someday, that would be a cool option.

4) Games.  We turn clean-up day into a contest – meaning we like to have the kids “repurpose” some of their “trash” (e.g., old papers, crayons and boxes) for fun.


5) Keep an open mind.  The Swim Bike Family continuous looks and talks about ways we can reuse things around the house. Because we have moved so much in the last year, we have reused ALL of our moving boxes and baskets for a zillion things—saving not only our pocketbooks, but the environment as well.

IMG_9320 IMG_9617

I posted about Repreve during the holidays, but I don’t think people saw how cool it was. So here goes again.

What is REPREVE?  Well, it’s what turns 6 recycled plastic bottles into that cute little green beanie!  This is one of the cooler things I have ever been asked to “review” on my blog–and I learned so much too.


Repreve recycled fiber is used by leading brands to make the products more sustainable. When you buy products made with Repreve we’re helping to create a reprieve for our planet. Did you know that products that you already USE are made out of RECYCLED MATERIALS?  I was amazed at this list (go here to read!).

To name a few: one Patagonia fleece jacket with Repreve has 40 recycled plastic bottles, so you can be a real “active-ist.” And Life Khaki by Haggar uses Repreve to put 7 recycled plastic bottles in every pair of pants; so wear what you believe.

Do you want a chance to win $5000? 

What tips do you have for teaching your children to lead a sustainable lifestyle?  Share your ways by entering the REPREVE contest. All you have to do is create an image or video showing how YOU practice sharing a sustainable lifestyel… share on Instagram, Twitter or Vine with the hashtag #TurnItGreen.

Good luck! And #turnitgreen !

Check out just a few products you already know who are using Repreve recycled fibers!


Mt. Borah
Eco Swim by Aqua Green


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