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Good Foot, Bad Foot, Sad Foot, Crap Foot

A nice foot.
A bad foot.
5th Metatarsal
Okay, so why am I posting this? Because it’s been almost two weeks, and my blasted foot doesn’t feel any better.  I keep running in my sleep and hurting myself further (or at least that’s what I am convinced).  So I obtained my x-rays and sent them on to my friend for a second opinion.
She says the alignment is good, so it will “fill in.”  I think that sounds promising.  But then I look at how much needs to fill in. If I eat alot of peanut butter, I’m thinking that the peanut butter is nice and sticky and will help with the fill-in.  
I’m not convinced this is going to be speedy. At least not speedy enough to tolerate my poundage pounding on it.

I’m not sad. I’m not depressed. I think I’m indifferent (which perhaps is worse than love or hate), because there’s absolutely not a thing I can do about it.  
I must stop running in my sleep though.  Tonight, the boot is coming to bed with us. And not in a sexy way.

Looking on the bright side of things… check out this picture I took yesterday on the way out to my car. The good Lord was shining light on my boot, I just know it.



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