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Wednesday Wisdom

What I’ve learned today: I can put everything into training, and usually, the reward is pretty good. Get what you give / the reciprocity principle / the Golden Rule / what have you.

I don’t have any real Wednesday wisdom other than: listen to the body.  And when the body is sporting these kind of under-eye bags, the body is screaming: rest rest rest.

Sometimes I feel that I don’t have much left to give myself or my training – leaving virtually zero me for the others around me.  After a super last week of workouts and milestones, I could barely lame-pedal my way through spin class this morning.

Turns out that my body has been talking to me over the past two days.  Yesterday, I ran 4.5 miles and I was sick, dizzy, cramping the entire run.  Misery (without anyone to keep me company).

Today, I couldn’t get my HR over 120, and my legs didn’t want to.   So I closed my eyes and listened.  Ye ole worn down body was talking.  So I listened.  I pedaled slowly, stretched carefully, and was nicer to my body today.  Except I ate some garbage (literally and figuratively).  But that’s me. 

Over the course of the day in the legal profession, I was thrown some curve balls, hurled some legal mumbo-jumbo.  Then personally, I was hurled some insults, so swatting those away took the edge off some mini-joys from the past week.

But three things important footnotes to go along with the wisdom:
1) I am blessed.
2) I am grateful.
3) I am living every moment.

What am I going to complain about?  That’s right people.  Nada.


  • Holly

    July 21, 2011 at 12:44 pm

    I was just thinking the same thing about the picture. You might be focused on the bags under the eyes, but all the rest of us can see is how slim you are getting. I know you're looking for more lbs to knock off the scale, but there is no doubt that you're beautifully transforming into a svelt athlete again.


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