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GU (Goo)

Check it out.  No, I am not giving this way (you wish).  But I did the math and figured this was the number of GU and Shot Bloks that the Expert and I will need from now until Miami.  Crazy.  If you look at it, all in one place, it’s scary.

The nuun was just for effect. That was just receive from Trinero‘s deal a while back. It’s in there because it’s pretty. I suspect I’ll need much much more of that before October…
I like this pile because it signifies a bunch of things.  But most importantly, it signifies that I still have a reasonable amout of time until Miami.  Whew.  Not only do I need some time to train, but I need some time to digest all this GU. 
One box fell victim to the Georgia heat in transit.  Booooooo. The chocolate one, too. 

I love GU, and I’m a new fan of the Shot Blocks.  What’s your favorite in-motion fuel? 


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