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40 Mile Balancing Act

Last night, I woke up and heard thunder.  I thought, “Whew.  I just got out of that forty-miler on the bike tomorrow.” (Yes, some people ride in the rain;  someone as clumsy as me…absolutely does not.)  My alarm buzzed around 6:00, and I peeked outside.  Dry as a bone.  I walked by the coffeepot and pressed “on,” and waddled my way to the bathroom.  All the while, tip-toeing quietly, lest I wake the animals (the animals being our children), and the Expert fuss at me.

An hour later, Antonia and I were pulling up to the Silver Comet Trail (the place was packed at 7:00 in the morning).  The morning was beautiful, and I was on the bike by 7:10.  Pretty uneventful, except for the fact, that 40 miles is actually 12 miles longer than I have ridden before.  So that was something.   All in all, I felt great.  The distance allowed me to get super comfortable in the aero position, and practice my de-clipping skills at stoplights (success! no low speed tipovers!).  Today, was therefore, awesome.  2:23:00.

I am supposed to swim tonight. too. But I can’t seem to keep my eyes open.  I guess the ride took a little more out of me than I thought.

It was either the ride… or the trip to Monkey Joe’s with the kids.  The Expert was telling me in the car to Monkey Joe’s, that he thought it might be impossible to balance kids, work and half-Ironman dreams for both of us.  I tend to agree.  It’s a balancing act, that I can’t seem to actually balance.  Still, I think with careful planning and dedication, we can both do it.  We are going to try (tri).

As for me…tonight, instead of swimming…I’m thinking dinner (the Expert just cooked mussels, so I am having beans of some sort :-/), kids to bed, and then night night for me sounds like a rockin’ Saturday night. I had a pretty good victory with the ride, so I am content with some snuggling with my best girl and the new Runner’s World.

Oh, and this is James.  He just devoured a pound of mussels.  The pound I would have normally devoured. Thanks, buddy.  You’re helping me. 

Happy Saturday, ya’ll. 


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