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Swim. Bike. Oh Yeah!

Well, last week’s adventures in newbie triathlon didn’t go so well.

Today.  Was.  Awesome. Open water swim, part deux.

Hip hop hooray.

The water was equally as icy.  But my head was on straight.  I didn’t panic.  Coach Monster still insisted on showing up to help.  And he did. Help, and show up. I swam about 800 meters without thinking, dying or spitting.

I swam crooked, but I straighted it out.  I swallowed water, but I hit a rhythm.  My wetsuit was awesome.

And after that, I hit a 15 mile bike in the rain with the Expert. And then a run.

Quickly, it was over, and I felt like I could do have done a half marathon.

I am ready. And I am so joyous.  And grateful.  Things have been difficult for the past few years.  Not impossible, not sad… but difficult. Crazy. Looney.  Triathlon has given me a new life.  A new me.  I am thankful.

Good luck to all of you racing St. Anthony’s and other races this coming week!

Love love love, my triathlon friends. 🙂


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