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St. Anthony’s: Time to Rest!

Bike check is complete.  We lucked out.  I am on the end of “Row 2” near a giant tower, so easy to find.  And the Expert’s bike is the farthest corner, last bike.

We are good with finding our bikes – now we just have to possess enough energy to get to the bikes!

Then, the Expert declared that he needed a haircut before the race.  Our wild goose chase for the nearest Great Clips was insane.  I wandered into the Sketchers store next door.  Man, Sketchers really makes some hideous shoes.  So, I went back into Great Clips.

The lady cutting the Expert’s hair asked if we were in town for the “Triampalon.”  I thought that was awesome.  And made me think of a swim, followed by feats of bouncing strength on a trampoline.

I am here for the Triampalon!  Boing! Boing!  Time to boing into the shower and lay down for the rest of the day. Big ole day tomorrow….


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