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Today was the Georgia Race for Autism at the Gwinnett County Fairgrounds.  I participated in the 5k run, which was only the third 5k of my life.  My time was far from stellar and by most standards is horrifically slow (38:43)… but actually running the whole race, hills included, was fantastic.
The only goals I had etched in stone: 1) run the entire race; and 2) finish under 40 minutes.  Check check.

I was dropping teeny little girls and little old ladies like flies on the hills, and one guy running the 10k finished at the same time I did – but that’s just fine.  Today, I woke up, laced up and passed through the finish line without crawling.  And that’s just good enough for me.

Oh, and my race number was 2010.  Which I think quite serendipitous.  This is the year things have officially changed.


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