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Triathlon for the Every Woman

The best Triathlon books of all time


“I’m foursquare behind any effort to get more women into our wonderful sport, and who better than Meredith ‘start from scratch’ Atwood to provide some expertise and encouragement? This is a terrific and informative book that will have me shouting ‘You Are An IRONMAN’ at you before you know it.”
-Mike Reilly – The Voice of IRONMAN

“Women all over the world can do a triathlon. This book will show you how.”
– Nicole DeBoom, Founder of Skirt Sports

“This book will start you on a journey of a lifetime. As Meredith says, ‘Just Keep Moving Forward.”
– James Lawrence (The “Iron Cowboy”), and Author of Redefine Impossible

“Triathlon for the Every Woman brings you up close and personal with Meredith’s journey from couch to competition. Rich with useful tips for anyone contemplating a triathlon, the book is as much a metaphor for anyone who chooses to make a big decision to change her life.”
– Joyce Shulman, Founder and Chief Macaroni Mom, Macaroni Kid

“Triathlon for the Every Woman is a hilarious, heartfelt memoir of one woman’s amazing journey from being an overweight working mom to a fully-fledged triathlon finisher. Together with sharing her own inspirational story, Meredith Atwood (a/k/a ‘Swim Bike Mom’) and her contributors also provide a comprehensive practical guide to get YOU from the couch to the finish line… So that you too can become a triathlete: no matter what your age, your background or your ability…This book will help you change ‘I CAN’T’ into ‘I CAN’ and give you the tools, advice and inspiration for how to do it. With this book, you will realize that your life truly has NO LIMITS!”
– Chrissie Wellington, Ironman World Champion and Author

“You can become a triathlete. This book is proof that all you need is a little work, a lot of patience, and a spirit of never giving up.”
– Dani Grabol, first female EPIC 5 Finisher and Author

“This book will take you from wherever you are–to the finish line of your first triathlon. You can be a triathlete – no matter who you are or what limitations might seem to exist. With the right spirit, attitude, will (or “wheels”), you too can get to your goal finish line.”
– Brent Pease, The Kyle Pease Foundation

“This book is an inspirational and practical guide for anyone who is ready to change her life through the sport of triathlon! Meredith, through her own personal journey, is proof that with a little sweat, determination, and a great sense of humor that you can change your life–and encourage other people to do the same.”
-Jack Spartz, author of Moving the Middle

“This book is a must-read for every person who wants to change her life through my three favorite activities: Swim, bike, run. Meredith’s approach to triathlon training is both funny and detailed, effectively helping you reach your goal of crossing the finish line.”
– Kyrsten Sinema, Senator (D-AZ) and Chair, Women for Tri Advisory Committee

“Triathlon for the Every Woman tells the reader that she can do a triathlon in exactly as she is–in the space, place and body she has now. Meredith has proven that she doesn’t let anything stand in her way–including herself. Now, she has readers believing this true gospel.”
– Louise Green, author of Big Fit Girl

“Triathlon for the Every Woman is required reading for ANY woman seeking to make the most of her triathlon pursuits. Meredith answers questions you’re either too afraid to ask, or didn’t know you needed to ask. Her must-have manual will empower you to dream big, smash your training goals, and race to a new understanding of yourself. She’s the girlfriend every woman needs—a #girlboss that will support you on your triathlon journey while making you belly laugh along the way.”
– Julia Beeson Polloreno, former Editor-in-Chief of Triathlete magazine and Women For Tri founding board member

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