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In December of 2015, I decided that I would never drink again.

The story of alcohol struggles is one that is not told often, and if it is told, I am not sure it’s told very honestly (or well).

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(top, 2011;  bottom 2017)

Check out this Episode with much of my story on Annie Grace’s “This Naked Mind” podcast

I think the shame and the barriers to discussing struggles with addiction should be destroyed, and obliterated, so that anyone (ANYONE!) who needs help will have it – and have it with LOVE and SUPPORT.

Through my work, I am seeking to break down the shame, the barriers, and the negative associations with taking a stand, grabbing our power, and deciding to be sober people.


In April 2017, I created the online support community called “Grateful Sobriety.”

Who is welcome? YOU are if you:

  • want to stop drinking;
  • think you need to stop drinking;
  • have years of sobriety under your belt and love the support;
  • are stubborn and scared about your drinking;
  • know someone who you want to support in their quitting drinking; or
  • just want to give back to your community with your gifts of counseling expertise or sobriety.

Go HERE TO READ MORE and JOIN our FREE group now.  (*Please note that if you are not added to the FB group in a day or two, please contact me. Sometimes the group joins are blocked or go to spam. We will get you added – don’t give up! :))




Writings about MY Sobriety Journey:

If I can be a help in any way on your journey, please Contact Me.