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The Most Uncomfortable Interview EVER

[Thank you, Lauren Zander. I hate you. Sort of.]

Well, she is BAAAACK! Lauren Zander on Episode 95: Humans are Rated X and Your Parents are Having Sex.

She was a guest back on Episode 16, and well, sort of regret inviting her back. Not really–but sort of. “Not many people make me speechless.  But you… oh man.”

That’s all I can say about Lauren. Just kidding… A few highlights:

  • “We are FAKE! Humans are fake. We are snake-y-nice.”
  • “We do things that if anyone knew–we’d all be in trouble and pretty much no one is talking about the lies.”
  • “Humans are not rated PG. They are rated R or X.”
  • “Love and management… is abnormal.”

Lauren first appeared on the Podcast on Episode 16—and she rocked (and scared my world).

This might be the most uncomfortable episode of MY life.
But it makes you think… about yourself, your relationships, your sex life, and more.

Hold on to your butts.

Listen on iTunes, Spotify, Stitcher or Podbean… but for the love of Gawd… listen ALONE.

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