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The Big Brave Silence

Until recently, my “brave” life had been a long exercise in trying to make everyone happy. I began to look at where a life of people-pleasing had landed me: addicted, sicker and heavier than ever, sadder than the final episode of Friends.⠀

My brave life has changed–drastically over the last few years–and honestly, it’s changed drastically since I found triathlon.

I have been in triathlon for almost eight years—in the way I have known how: training really hard, loving it, learning all the things, encouraging others to love it and more. ?????‍♀️

I have two very big projects that will span the breadth of 2018 – and well into 2019 – and possibly beyond.

These efforts are the culmination of what I have worked and prayed and made space for—my entire life. ⠀


That magical thing “I have always wanted.”⠀

[How’s that for vague?]⠀?

As a result, my entire calendar for 2018 and 2019 has changed. My entire energy system and priority list has changed.  Just when I think there is no more change— there is only change. ⠀

[All. Good. Things.] ✅ ⠀

But the announcement is: when I don’t race this year, when I don’t seem to “love” triathlon and more… just know… it’s a hiatus based on these bigger things that will take all I can give while loving my family. ?⠀

I can’t do all the things all the time. Swimming and cycling and running and CrossFit ARE my health, my workouts—and they will continue to be. Nutrition is a MAJOR priority. My athletes are my ❤, and you all are my fire to keep going.

Growth is a must. ⠀

But a triathlon race on a calendar is not happening—well, not until it does–but it would be a last-minute decision. I need to be free right now. Free to make this very hard-fought dream a reality. ⠀

Rather than sit back and listen to whispers or rumors, I thought I would just speak my true truth. ⠀

I hope you’ll stay on this crazy journey with me.

The best is yet to come. ⭐

I will keep saying that, because I always believe it. And I will continue to work my ass off to make it so.

Love to you all,
Meredith ?

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