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It Keeps You Running – A Coach T-Bone Post

So I am officially coming down off the high from the Andy Potts weekend. Wait, no I’m not. Anyway, time to get back to focusing and working.  I’m thinking all about “Inertia” and “What Will I Learn Today” (#wwapd  -What Would Andy Potts Do).   Coach T-Bone contributed this great post on running form to get us back in the swing of things as the holidays roll around. 

Thanks, Coach T for the info!



After our wildly successful swim/run clinic two weekends ago, I had many of the participants ask me: “Now that I know HOW to run properly, what can I do to be a better (faster) runner?”

This is a great question and has a much simpler answer than you might realize:

Run more… It’s actually that simple. No rocket science here.

Here are a few ways for you to run more and become a better runner:

  • Practice technique until it is second nature. Include drills and technique work as part of your warm up for every run.
  • Run more frequently. If you are currently running three times a week, then add a fourth. Keep it short — a mile is fine– and easy—it doesn’t have to be hard (an easy jog after a strength workout or swim/bike workout is fine). Eventually, you can add a fifth or sixth day, as well, starting with a very easy run and working up.
  • Add in some interval work. Most people associate interval training with leaving their breakfast in a puddle on the side of the road/track. But in reality, anytime you change your intensity for a specified time or distance that is considered an interval.For example, the next time you are out on a nice easy jog pick up the pace for 1 minute and then return to your normal easy pace. Do this 3-4 times during your run. The next time you go out try increasing that to 1:30 and so on until you are comfortably running 3-4 minute intervals. Once you get to this point, start back at the 1 minute mark but go a little harder each interval and gradually increase that until you are comfortable.
  • Find a running partner who is just a little faster than you. This will force you to keep up (while not making you red line the entire run) and eventually their pace will feel easy to you. Then you dump them and find a faster running partner (I’m kidding…..sort of).


By incorporating these four things into your run training, you will see your run fitness go up—-and your run times go down.

Happy Thanksgiving, Swim Bike Moms!

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