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No answers…and I’m ok with that!

Hi World! Virginia here! Since my last post, I have not figured out my “what’s next” issue. I have looked around A LOT, but I don’t have any real answers. Someone suggested the Beach to Battleship, which I would LOVE to do because I’ve read great reviews, but I can’t do it because I can’t take that Friday off of work. It’s a complicated reason, but I just can’t make that day work. SO….I’m still trying to decide. I have decided FOR SURE to do a half in the Fall, but the decision of WHICH ONE is still out there.

firstcoastThis weekend promises to be a fun one. We are heading BACK to Florida (only Jacksonville though….which is only about 4 hours) for the middle boys to do a triathlon. They really want to do another after the big fun at IronKids Florida, and we’ve been searching for a good one. We stumbled upon one that looks awesome. It’s good “kid” distances — not too SHORT as many are, but also not too terribly long. It also has a big expo and PEP RALLY on Saturday night before the Sunday event. There are close to 1800 kids registered. So….I hope it will be as cool as it sounds.

In other news….I chopped off my hair (and colored it) last night. This is big for me. BIG!!! I think I am just in a “change” stage of life. I’m about to leave my job and start a new teaching position in another school district….so the hair just felt like a next step. Who knows what’s ahead!

This morning everything seemed to reflect my “change” state of life.  I did a 28.5 mile bike ride before work with a group of ladies that I normally ride with. For the first time in a LONG time, I felt ok about my ride. In other words, I didn’t have long periods of time in which I was struggling to keep up. That was a great change. The weather is turning warm and muggy, and it felt like a summer day. I am excited for everything…. I’m excited for the “what’s next?”


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