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The Silver Comet Curse

Yesterday, I conquered the biggest ride of my life —- 85 miles at Silk Sheets.


I went with my tri pal, Yoda, and we had a great day.  The morning started out freeeeeezing—-and neither she nor I wore the right gear.


It was 52 degrees in Atlanta; but at Silk Sheets…. it was 38 and well, riding shorts without real gloves, shoe covers, arm warmers or fleece was pretty tough.  We both were completely numb, riding with what felt like needles stabbing us for a good ten miles, but then it warmed up, and eventually the sun came out.  By the time we hit 40 miles, we were sweating.


2500 feet of climbing later, I was done.  And I won’t say it was easy. Because it wasn’t. But I think I can say 60 was “not bad.”  And the last 25 was. Bad. Hard and exhausting.  But I was done and felt great.  Wasn’t busted up or needing to collapse, so that was a plus.

Yoda found some Easter eggs.


I tried out my new pedals and shoes, and loved them.

But of course—there is a Swim Bike Klutz moment hidden in here. When I tried the cleats on the shoes AT HOME to adjust them, I forgot to tighten the screws down.  After our first 30 miles at Silk Sheets, we pulled over and walked to the car down a gravel drive… when I realized my cleat—was G-O-N-E.  I had forgotten to tighten the screws…and I LOST my cleat.

In the gravel.  #&#^%!


But I looked around and found not only the cleat…. but also TWO of the THREE screws. Shiny silver screws in GRAVEL.  The miracle. After a re-install with my multi-tool, we were back in action.


But seriously. KLUTZ.  The woman below is a KLUTZ.


I’ve said it before, but I’ll say it again… I love riding with Yoda. Not only is she so wise, but she is also a lot of fun. That is all.

And I have my first PROOF of training for the season!  The tri-tan is coming back. Woot!


So this morning I had two big tasks at hand.  First, a 12-13 mile run.  Then, attending the SEE-ME (Southeastern Endurance) Expo for a women’s panel discussion in Sandy Springs.

The run. I rested well last night. I ate a quinoa power breakfast and I headed to Silver Comet for the run.

But I know better.

Silver Comet is CURSED for me.

I can account for no good happenings there. Okay, well a few good runs and bikes… but really, all great triathlon “tragedies” for me happen at Silver Comet.


When I first started riding, I had a Crash and Burn.

Later, when I was far more experienced, I had my brand new tri bike, and wiped out there—leaving myself with a nasty bout of road rash.  And then, of course, Sweet Red (f/k/a “Ralph”) was attacked by a bee creature once during a ride.

The Expert and I have had several EPIC marriage fights there.  Epic.

Finally, the big doozy was the bike crash that resulted in two broken ribs last December. (By the way, I thought it was only one rib. Not until I went back to the doc for a random visit did he ask me how my ribS were doing… I asked, “Uh, ribs?  You mean ‘rib’?” And he said, “No, ribs. Two.”  Ah, that explains the huge pain a little more.  Anyway.)


Here’s the first clue. ONE HOUR and FIFTY MINUTES… to “run” only 6.35 miles.


Again, I should have known.  Today.  Sigh. I headed out for my run.  Like I said… good breakfast, smile on my face, my armwarmers… ready to rock.


Mile 1. I felt amazing!  I looked down and I was pacing 9:00-9:30 mile.  What!?  Zoom freaking zoom!  I knew I likely wouldn’t keep that up, but it still felt great.  My foot turnover was speedy. I felt steady.

Then 1.1 came.  The hip (that’s been bugging me) started nagging.  Ugh.  I walked and stretched a little during my walk intervals…

1.8 miles… started to get a little more intense.

2.0 miles… I literally said to myself, “Just ten more miles. You can do this.”  (The lunacy. At what point in my life did I become the “just ten more miles” gal? Puh-lease.)

2.2 miles. I walked and prayed a little.

2.8 miles.  The hip was starting to really bother me, and my foot turnover was getting slower, and I wasn’t kicking at all with my hamstrings.

3.0 miles.  I stopped and stretched for a minute.

3.1 miles. As my right foot landed on the ground, I felt a *pop* and an instant burning in my hip, which caused me to stumble and almost hit the ground. I immediately cried out and teared-up.  The pain… Yowzers.


It was the kind of “hurt” where I immediately turned around and headed back. I knew I wasn’t shaking it off and going forward. It was that kind of pain.  Really, dangerous-feeling stuff. So I walked and cried and winced.  Hardest 3.1 walk I’ve ever done.  Lots of pain. Limping. Stares. Bad.

Call to the Expert. Email to Coach Monster and Dr. Miracle Man Hands.  Praying for the best.

In the good side of the day, the SEE-ME Expo was a lot of fun.  Meet a few SBM friends who I hadn’t met before and some folks who I have crossed virtual paths before—-but finally placed face to Twitter handles.


SBM friend Deborah! (I’m not groping her. I have my hand on a chair. Swear it.)


SBM friend Deepthi!


SBM friend, Kaleigh!

And it’s always a good day when I get to see a Mountain Goat, Elizabeth (“The Assassin”) and Kimberly (who I think will be “Nyad” after learning of her big swim for next summer).  🙂


For now,  I am icing the hip and hoping I get it to heal quickly.  I am freaked out (understatement), but I also ran a few numbers. If I have a great swim and bike at CDA… and worse case scenario, I am forced to walk the 26.2 at an 18:00 minute mile… I should squeak across the finish right around midnight.

And really, that’s the worse case… right? Right? Right???? Okay, so there could be worse.  But I declare… it’s going to take more than a snap, crackle and pop to stop me from the finish line…

Send me some good vibes…. the Expert is cleaning the house and doing the laundry because I’m not walking so well… I’m pretty sure he’s okay with tolerating my long training, but if he has to do EVERYTHING…. lawd, help us. 🙂  Saint Expert.

Hope you all have a great week!


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