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I’m COOL because I’m BORING!

boringVirginia here.

I am so boring. I have tried about 20 times this week to write a blog, but I just keep deciding that what I have written is too boring. It hit me this morning (while swimming…all of the best thoughts take place during LONG swims) that perhaps boring is what makes it interesting. KWIM? I mean….all parents are a bit boring. All triathletes train, and train, and train….which can be boring. So maybe…just maybe….being BORING is what makes me interesting? …and you too!

In it’s boring way, this has been a crazy week. Kids….I’ll tell ya! Ok, I won’t tell you anything….if you are reading this, you likely have kids and know the craziness that ensues. Today is FRIDAY, but it feels like this week has been going on FOREVER!

Tuesday I got a call at work that my son was in the nurse’s office with pink eye. Ok, let me put that in quotes….”pink eye.” What he actually had was a slightly red eye and no other symptoms. BUT, pink eye is going around, so they were being cautious. I assumed it was pink eye, rushed to leave work and pick him up, and called the doctor. They told me they would call in drops but a nurse had to call me back first. SIX hours later they called back, asked me about the symptoms, and said that it wasn’t’ pink eye. So, I missed work for nothing; he is fine; life goes on.

Later that day my husband came home with my other two boys. The oldest (age 9) was in TROUBLE because he and another child were caught whispering curse words to one another at lunch. When caught, he had to write a letter about what he did. The teacher asked him to write down words….OUCH! So, instead of showing us the paper, he signed his dad’s initials….which of course didn’t pass….and we were told. Lots of fussing, crying, etc. followed. I’m annoyed that he did it, but my husband is REALLY mad. It’s hard because I remember cursing like a sailor at that age….just “trying out” the bad words with friends. I got over it (somewhat). I also remember signing my mom’s name to an interim report card in 6th grade so that I wouldn’t get in trouble. Of course, I didn’t tell any of this to the munchkin. I acted VERY angry…..just as I should. LOL!

THEN….WEDNESDAY morning my 3 year old work up at the crack of dawn with a yucky cough. Allergy season in the SOUTH is here. Lots of nebulizer treatments to follow. Wednesday was just the first day of trying to keep his cold from turning into more.Va_Edwardsneb


But…some great things are happening too. The weather is getting warmer, making cycling more endurable. I found a triathlon group in town. I am hoping to get some new riding buddies out of it…and I’m only TWO months away from my HIM. As a part of my HIM training, I am working with Miles for Melanoma to raise money. My husband had melanoma last Fall, so it is something important to me. I haven’t done a lot to raise money lately, but Wednesday I sent something out to friends and one person donated $100! I was in shock. So….lots of great stuff happening.  ALSO, Wednesday I get to run with my running group. It had been several weeks since I had made a Wednesday night group run, and running with the group was very invigorating. I needed it.

This weekend will be FULL of training on my end and soccer for my kids. The middle boys have a soccer tournament, so we will live at the fields.

Sometimes when I think about my life I am stunned. All of the craziness….love….working out….working….everything! Is this my life? Yep! I’m sure lucky!….and a little bit boring!


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