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Paperback Edition, 440 pages
Tricycle Books

“Triathlon for the Every Woman is a hilarious, heartfelt memoir of one woman’s amazing journey from being an overweight working mom to a fully-fledged triathlon finisher. Together with sharing her own inspirational story, ‘Swim Bike Mom’ and her contributors also provide a comprehensive practical guide to get YOU from the couch to the finish line… So that you too can become a triathlete: no matter what your age, your background or your ability. This book will help you change ‘I CAN’T’ into ‘I CAN’ and give you the tools, advice and inspiration for how to do it. With this book, you will realize that your life truly has NO LIMITS!”
– Chrissie Wellington
Ironman World Champion and
Author of A Life Without Limits

Swim Bike Mom Gets Dressed Up.
Photo by Meg Davidson Photography

“Triathlon for the Every Woman is an informative and hilarious read if you are looking for encouragement to get off the couch and find out what you’re made of.”
Bree Wee
2012 Ironman Louisville Champion


(available also on Amazon Europe)

Becoming a triathlete may seem impossible for a tired, busy woman. But Triathlon for the Every Woman will light the path for the woman trying to do it all and not lose her sanity. Triathlon for the Every Woman is a hilarious book full of expert advice, training tips, and stories to turn a tired, busy woman into a tired, busy woman triathlete at any size, age or place in life. The book is full of contributions from expert coaches, nutritionists and athletes, takes the reader through the disciplines of swimming, biking and running. In addition, the book includes comical accounts of battling the scale and the balancing act of training with a spouse, kids and a full-time job. The book will inspire and entertain, and have even the busiest of women taking on the challenge of a race. Even for those lacking in time, motivation or hope, Triathlon for the Every Woman will turn everything around and make any woman a believer.



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