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12 Hours until 70.3

It’s that time. Time to go to bed and hope that all the running I will do tomorrow at Ironman Augusta 70.3… won’t take place in my head and my sleep tonight.

Wonderful day.  Wonderful family.  Wonderful friends.

But I won’t sleep until I plug the amazing Dr. Miracle Man Hands. I texted him to tell him that I was too tired to meet him, to get taped up and a quick ART session.

So he came to me.  Amazing Dr. MHH.  I am surrounded by miracles.  (And I have Sweet Red to thank for introducing me to Dr. MHH.  Sweet Red is the friend formerly known as Ralph Ansley. We’re trying out a new nickname.)

The Swim Bike Kids are tucked away at home.

They’ll be here next time – for the big one in Idaho.  But they’ll be a huge part of the inspiration to get me across that finish tomorrow.

Time to brush teeth, and hit the sack.

As I go to sleep, I’ll think about my telephone call with Coach Monster:  “Remember when you are on the course to race your race, stay focused and thank God that you can do this.”

To that… I say, Amen.
And goodnight.



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