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Me, Andy and 62 (!) Miles?

Yum. It’s what’s for dinner! (Gluten free English muffin, portabellos, tomatoes, grilled onions from the Expert’s garden, okra, mustard and basil). Nom nom!

Tomorrow Andy and I are going to Silver Comet Trail to lay down the law on 62 miles… followed up by a 4 mile run.  (At least that’s the plan.)  Acworth Women’s Tri is happening next weekend, so I’ve got a recovery week coming up.  Tomorrow’s a big ‘un.

Adjusting Andy’s waterbottle wing cages

I haven’t been on a flat ride in over 12 weeks… but I thought it best for Andy’s debut… to take him somewhere nice and cozy, so he’s comfortable. You know, date like.  A flat date.

I hopped on Andy and took him for a ride last night around the block.  The neighbors are already talking (!)… and I was not liking him.  Turns out the brakes were off and the rear wheel was rubbing against the frame.  I thought, Oh, momma’s not liking Andy….

The Expert and Andy. The Expert looking mighty slim, I might say.

I consider myself (kind of) self-sufficient with my bike(s)… but usually, the Expert is there to do extra dirty work and show me any first time help… today was no exception – the dude came out and helped ole Andy out.   We got him straightened out together, no more brake and wheel rubbing…and I’m ready!

Early to bed…  Today was a big swim of 3500 meters (Yes, Coach Monster is trying to actually kill me this time). Tomorrow…hoping for a safe and fun ride with Andy and to burn off an entire dress size. Ha!


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