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Update: Our Fellow Triathlete

Here’s an update on Kirsten, the cyclist who was injured at Sunday’s Iron Girl race. The family is setting up a Facebook page soon, so I will be sure to direct you to it once I know – so we can follow updates that way.  *UPDATE:  Here’s the link to the Facebook page:

Kirsten’s vitals remain strong. When friends talk to her, there is an increase in her heart rate. She squeezes her hand when asked a question. Kirsten also underwent an MRI today – the results are not back yet. However, she had a big step, opening both eyes upon command. She has several fractures in her skull, but hopes are that the MRI will show nothing in the neck and she can have the neck brace removed.

A close family friend who is emailing updates shouted out praises to the four ladies on the Iron Girl accident scene who literally saved Kirsten’s life.  She said the group was three nurses, one a trauma nurse and the other a massage therapist.

I spoke with Paul Crawley earlier today – he’s a reporter for 11Alive – he was interviewing Kirsten’s husband, Rodney, for a piece that aired on WXIA Atlanta 11Alive at 6:00 tonight. Click here for the link to the article and video.

Her family says endless thanks for the prayers and concern.

Thank you all for your comments and concern that you posted – just so you know, I am going to forward all your wonderful comments to Kirsten’s friend for inclusion in a guest book that is at the hospital for her.  If you’d like to comment here or on the SBM Facebook page to this post, I will forward your comments as well.

Let’s keep praying and holding her up.


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