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I was wondering what to do with my boot, Wilson, in a few weeks. I originally wanted to release him into Lake Lanier like a scene from Castaway… me in the water, in my wetsuit… “Wilson! Willllllsonnnnn!” But then I realized that Lake Lanier is, in fact, a lake, so Wilson would go nowhere, no current. So I’d be floating in the lake, trying to get Wilson to leave, but he’d just be sitting there, floating and looking at me with his beady, Velco eyes.

Regardless… that plan flopped…but then, I thought I would have a boot-burning ceremony. However, since Wilson is now a part of me, I don’t think I could burn him.

We’ve been through alot together, me and Wilson. The two of us, and our awesome, best health insurance. The kids will miss “Mommy’s Robot Leg.” My son told all his friends at the school Easter party: “Look at my Mommy’s robot leg. It’s strong!”

So in light of all this, now I am thinking a little differently about how to bid Wilson adieu…

Boot bronzing! I mean, really… why not? From this:


…to a piece of permanent, bronzed and shiny history!

The Expert is gearing up for his first triathlon of the season. It’s not as big as he’d hoped (70.3), but he’s doing a sprint at the end of the month. He decided that my broken foot was a good excuse for him to slack in his training. The broken foot has been a good example of our need for affordable health insurance. But honestly, I think he did it… because he didn’t want to break my heart, watching him race and train for New Orleans. Deep down, I really (really) selfishly appreciate that. I guess he loves me, afterall.

Oh, by the way, I am going to have Swim Bike Mom tech shirts… in just a few days! So many of you have asked for them…so I’m very excited to have them, and offer them at near-cost. Keep you posted.

Last few days to get your Tri Kit & Cycling Gear…

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