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Wanted: Your Story

Thursday is the boot coming off appointment (fingers crossed!). So I am ready to breathe some serious triathlon inspiration from you guys. 

I know you all will be crying that I might be rid of Wilson in just a week… but alas, the boot must go!  The road to recovery may be slow. I need your inspiration just to start walking again after this klutz event.

Here’s the deal:

Send me your motivational story of how you started β€œtri-ing” or a report from a big race that you want to share. I will publish a few on this blog to get our race season motivation cranking! 

Send your story to swimbikemom at gmail dot com.   Happy Monday!

**Note:  As of April 19, the response has been amazing. I am going to post ALL of them… but I can’t send that many tech shirts… so I’ll come up with something. But I could not choose any one story.  Here’s a preview of the coming attractions! Keep them coming! πŸ™‚


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  • Angie

    April 16, 2012 at 11:44 pm

    Coming off of my first tri season, I was high on the sport – 3 sprints and an oly and I felt fabulous! I got up at the crack of dawn on a November morning to sign up for a local Iron Girl sprint the following August. That week I found out that I was pregnant with my 4th – surprise! I continued to run and swim while pregnant, the whole time hoping I would be able to do the tri 8 weeks after my due date. After the baby came, I felt pretty good physically pretty quickly. But I had an infant and 3 other kids to take care of! Before the tri, I rode my bike 4 times, walked/ran a couple of times and swam once! I told myself that all I wanted was to have a nice swim in a lake, a beautiful bike ride in the country and a jog to finish it off. I had fun the whole time. It was very hard, and my bike and run times were terribly slow (magically my swim time was less than a minute slower than I'd done on the course the previous year). But I did it! A triathlon 8 weeks post-partum! And I loved crossing the finish line to the cheers of my hubby and 3 older kids and be able to snuggle my new little one right away. Now he's 10 months old and I'm getting closer to where I was that first fun tri season.

  • donna

    April 17, 2012 at 1:21 am

    I really just wanted to lose weight. I used to be very very heavy and I had previously lost alot, but years of couch & pasta were starting to make the new me start looking like the old me again. My husband has been a triathlete for a few years and I had met some women who live locally at his races. Last January I started meeting them once a week. I couldn't even run a block. I showed up sporadically at first, then more and more regularly. When the snow went away we started to bike. When the river wasn't painfully cold we started swimming. I knew how to do all these things, everyone learns them when they are little. But I had never tried to DO them before. I survived my first triathlon in July. A good friend stayed with me the whole time. She talked me thru the ocean swim, kept me focused on the run (run/walk really). It was something I never thought I would do, but I DID IT! And it doesn't seem to be stopping. I did a half marathon in November – 11 months after I couldn't run a block. I didn't finish fast, but I finished. And I didn't stop running. I'm signed up for a marathon in October and I know that I can do it. It will be hard and I will have to train my ass off. But I can do it. And once I prove it, next year I'll have no excuse not to be registered for a 70.3

    This life can be really amazing =)

  • Ara

    April 19, 2012 at 3:42 am

    Done! I just emailed you my story. If you have any further questions (in case I left anything important out) for me, feel free to ask. πŸ™‚

  • Weebird

    April 19, 2012 at 7:03 pm

    That said, Weebird is AKA Windy Tuttle AKA "she who doesnt' cringe at the sight of her own half naked body, donning a wetsuit and sports bra!" πŸ™‚


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