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Just Keep Moving Backwards

Three weeks ago today, I broke my foot while trying to save a young child from a burning building.

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[Okay, so only two of those things are true.]

Many have urged me to come up with a better story than: “I am a dumbass and I fell in my driveway either on my own shoe or a pine cone, I’m not sure which.” But the truth: a dumbass driveway fall is precisely how I found myself in this predicament, wearing a boot and missing out on my second half-Iron. Just walking to my car and everything changed. All my carefully made plans. P-p-p-poof.


This morning, I woke up and cried the entire drive to work. Not because I hate being a lawyer (I’ll take the Fifth), not because I am sad about my stupid foot (I am), not because I miss running and biking (I do)… but rather because I felt that I was moving completely backwards.

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Wait, I thought, Am I really moving backwards? That’s the question I have pondered all day.

Most of the time I blog because I must get the words out of me, outside of my head. I like to write positive things, because putting positive statements out into the universe…makes everything a tad more tolerable. I learn to be grateful, to be aware of the goodness in my life, in the world.

So as I thought about my moving backwards today, and how I could make it a positive thing — I realized that I did not have to search far.

Just Keep Moving Forward. That the dead horse I beat.

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I thought about backwards movement. Usually, a single instance, a solitary occurrence causes a backward step. A broken bone. A car accident. A lost job. An illness. A loss.

Coach Monster says, it’s important to keep the backward step to just that – one instance, short and sweet – prevent the backward motion from gaining momentum. So ultimately, while the broke foot was a giant step backwards, it should not causes a backward trend.

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Afterall, I’m not breaking more of my foot bones… I’m not moving backwards into more broke foot land. I had a single broken movement backwards – but I am not moving backwards.

If that hypothesis is true, then I am either standing still or moving forward. Life’s too busy. So I can cross out “standing still.”

So I just needed to readjust my starting point. My starting point is here and now. Not six weeks ago when I ran the half marathon, when I was starting to ramp up for New Orleans 70.3. Now.

My point of reference is me, right this second…on my couch, wearing a boot.

So the question: how did/can I move forward today? For starters, I ate well today. I did not de-stress with wine, or with the murder of a co-worker. I just drank some tea. Now, I am sitting on my couch with my boot, my laptop and my 70.3 Miami shirt, and I am thinking about tomorrow. How can I make sure that tomorrow is a good motion forward?

Yes, I miss running. I heard a song on the iPod in the office today, “From Yesterday” by 30 Seconds to Mars…that puppy is one of my running go-tos. An amazing realization though: I miss running. I miss running!! I am the type of person who now misses exercise. Yes! I am that girl! (That it itself is forward movement, people).

The Way We Were… me, arm warmers, and my Shot Bloks.

Tomorrow, I will eat even better. I will have an excellent lunch with some new friends, who are full of new ideas. I will swim. I will write. All of these things are forward motions.

I will keep moving forward.

* * * *

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Move with me. Let’s go!
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