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Happy 1st Birthday!


Okay, so it seems a little stupid to wish my blog a Happy Birthday.  But this is a big first birthday!  (Where’s my fancy cake with a candle? Oh that’s right. No more cake….)

This time last year, I drafted my first post.  I slept on the craziness of it.  I published the post the next day and held my breath.

The post had one sentence:  I have decided to become a triathlete.

I felt ridiculous even writing that sentence.  But deep in my little fat heart, I knew that’s what I wanted: to be an athlete again… not just an athlete, a triathlete (because three is better than one, of course). I wrote a little bit.  I started training. Nobody commented on anything, because nobody read the blog.  Which I was secretly glad about.  Maybe it would be one of those secret blogs… 

If I blog it, they will come.  And little by little, you guys came. And you became a giant support beam for me to lean upon, to scream at, to question, and a giant source of accountability and inspiration.  Turns out, some days I have actually been able to return the favor (or so you tell me.  If you are lying, I don’t know why – I have no snacks or prizes to share with you dirty rotten liars….)

Anyway.  In one year, SwimBikeMom has expanded from just this site (a little place for me to vent) to a hilarious forum on Facebook (a big place for all of us to vent)… and even to a place where I can complain about training using vile words (because my mom hasn’t figured out Twitter yet)… a place for cool race reports from everyday heroes, and a collaboration with the awesome TriCrowd and Trinero (the “Groupon” for triathletes).

So this Happy Birthday message is for those of you who dare to whisper something as crazy as “I have decided to become a triathlete.” As such, I submit this post as encouragement to you…you “crazy” people.

This Day, One Year Ago, 2010:

  • I couldn’t run two miles without dying, bike eight miles without falling, or swim two laps without drowning
  • My heartrate was off the charts from the second I laced up my shoes
  • I was 25 pounds heavier
  • I was worn out, run down, and on the verge of giving up on ever being an athlete again
  • I had no idea what I wanted out of my life
  • A triathlon seemed like a pipe dream, although I dreamed it anyway
  • An Olympic distance tri seemed unreachable
  • A Half-Iron would be impossible
  • An Ironman….unthinkable
This Day, 2011:
  • I have run 11.2 13.1 miles; I have biked 52; I have swam 2 miles. I am still alive.
  • My heartrate is steady, consistent, and improving
  • I am two jeans sizes smaller 
  • Yes, I am still tired. But I am a tired athlete, not a tired couch potato. I am not giving up. Period.
  • I am learning what my life should be
  • Not just one… but I have completed four triathlons
  • …Including two Olympic distance triathlons
  • And my first Half-Iron is 65 days away (and possible)
  • An Ironman?  Well…..
To those of you who doubt yourselves…. look at this list.  

A year can change everything.  One year.  365 days.  Only a handful of days for a new life. 
And that’s why I wish my blog a Happy Birthday. 
Thank you all for reading, laughing/crying with me… I am so happy to have so many new friends… some that I know will be friends for life.  
Love to you all.  


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