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Are You Happy?

Happiness, oh, happiness.   
In general, yes, I think I am happy.  
Tonight? NO! Okay, I’m being a little dramatic.
Was supposed to put down 8 mile run after work.  I had my new shoes (as a recap, the Kwickys got returned, and I have been in mourning), so Brooks Adrenaline was what Fleet Feet Johns Creek prescribed.  It was 100 degrees this afternoon and I forgot my Fuel Belt, so to the dreadmill, I went.
One mile in, the shoes were feeling good, and I felt good.  By the time Mile 2 hit me, I was dead.  Everything hurt.  My heartrate was through the roof.  Bad bad bad.  I went from a 5.3 pace on the treadmill to a screeching halt somewhere in slow man’s land at a 4.2, and feeling like I was going to fall over.  I made it to 6 miles in what could only have been a 15 minute mile pace.  I was exhausted.  
(Though not as exhausted as I was on this day). 
So I declared the new shoes no good, stopped the treadmill, sat down, and I put back on the old Nikes.  
Oh boy.  Ouch.  I declared those shoes SUPER NO GOOD.  Wow, so the new shoes are definitely better.  A little blistering, but ok.  So, I cannot blame the shoes, only the body. Was it exhaustion from my two weekends of race-a-palooza?  Long work day?  My food intake?  My hips and back hurt, my IT band.  I need about sixteen Band-Aids all over me to fix the giant boo-boo of me.
Admittedly, I have been eating garbage over the past few weeks. I’m just so hungry, and today was the first day that I was determined (again…oh, once again) to get back on track.  Again. I must get 20 pounds off this butt before Miami.  
Here’s what I ate today:
coffee (2 cups)
Mix 1 Strawberry Banana (protein shake) (x2)
cheese stick
organic PB&J sandwich (x2)
organic cereal bar (x2) 
Before/ During Run:
2 Hammer Fizz 
4 Shot Bloks
2 bottles of water
After run:
3 egg whites
organic chocolate milk
tilapia salad with salsa
So. What was wrong with the food? (Yes, the total veganism lasted a solid month…and that month involved alot of beer… so the weightloss didn’t really happen for me.)  Anyway, I digress.  Is that not enough food? Not enough protein? Bad choices? Too much?  I think my pre-run intake was 1600 calories.  Maybe not enough?  But I’m trying to cut calories too.  Ugh. 
I bit the bullet, and the Expert and I are going to a triathlon dietician/nutritionist next week.  I knew what to eat for weightlifting (ah-hem… tuna and broccoli).  But I really have no idea how to fuel this body and fuel it for fat loss, while tri training too. I have the Matt Fitzgerald Racing Weight book….and I like to look at the pictures and menus of the pros, but the rest… well, I struggle with that book. 
So, I am going to have a real live person (and newly crowned Ironman) look at me and declare: you are tubby – eat this, not that – and ye shall be less tubby –  ye shall be svelte (well, kind of) and speedy for Miami.  Okay, so less fat, and less slow.  
72 scary countdown days to Miami.  When I get scared, I just think of the sticker.  Oh, car stickers make me happy….
(HAPPY ALMOST FRIDAY… on Saturday, I will be celebrating my 70.3 day countdown…to 70.3 Miami)


  • Karen @ working it out...

    August 19, 2011 at 1:52 pm

    Not an expert here but wondering if the before / during run is the issue. 4 shot bloks doesn't seems like all that much to fuel up. Interested to hear what you find from the nutritionist.

  • Mike

    August 19, 2011 at 4:13 pm

    I don't think you are eating enough. I think you need to bump the calories up, more fruits, veggies, salad with broccoli, things like that. You have to have fuel to exercise and burn calories. You also did an Oly this past weekend, allow for your body to recover and rest too. And "relax" a little, give yourself the mental break to say its okay I am tired, I can back off a week and get back at it next week and then do both of those things. Just my 2cents. -Mike

  • Kellie

    August 24, 2011 at 9:11 pm

    I'm anxious to read your posts about what you've learned/are learning from the triathlon nutritionist. I don't think you're eating enough calories. If you don't eat enough, you'll be hungry all the time then give in to crap. Also, I think being so worn out after 6 miles on the treadmill was because it was a treadmill. YUCK! I can't run 2 miles on a treadmill, but I can run a 10K on the road. It's not you. Talk to a nutritionist. Fuel your body. Stay off the treadmill. Love reading your stuff. You're and inspiration. Oh, and enough with the slow talk because you don't qualify as slow anymore!!! 😉 -Kellie


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