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Ugly Ugly Ugly!

Here is the latest installment in ugly race photos. This has been such a hoot, there will be a permanent link up soon. These will include the reader submitted captions, which really, is the funniest part. 

As a point of clarification:
 PHOTO HAS DECLARED THE PHOTO (not the person) TO BE UGLY, HAS UPLOADED IT TO ME, AND POSTED THEIR OWN SILLY COMMENTS ABOUT IT.  This is a fun-spirited contest.  It’s for laughs, giggles, and fun.

In a few days, I will post the top maybe ten or so reader submitted photos, and you readers can vote for the podium finishers!

Of course this all started with an Uglies swimsuit…. Who knew. I will still donate that to the winner who wants it. Because you guys were so awesome in putting yourselves out there for the benefit of laughter, the top ten ugliest race photos will get a little swag: choice of Swim Bike Mom (or Swim Bike Dad, if you are dudely) water bottle or t-shirt.

So… Your mission if you choose to accept it… find more friends to post their ugliest.  I mean it’s hump day… we all need more laughs.

One more thing:  if you can find a professional/celebrity triathlete to post a hideous photo, you will get a bottle or tee for the awesome referral.  Note: you cannot thief their ugly photo – they have to post it. 

How to share:
1) Visit SwimBikeMom on Facebook (click here
2) Post the photo to the wall
3) Enjoy as everyone gives you super de duper comments!

Further clarification: The photos may be ugly;  but all my SBM readers are beautiful. 

 Swim Bike Dad and Swim Bike Mom (because we are good sports!)
I am looking forward to another hideous day. Happy Hump Day, ya’ll.

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