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Toe Curling Good

Ended up swimming tonight afterall.  Funny how that works.  Hell bent on rest day (that I haven’t really earned), and I end up at the gym swimming.

I have been slacking on the swim for awhile. Since the race last month, really.  Tonight was the first back-in-the-game swim workout, long overdue.  Lifetime Fitness has a 30m pool, so I did about 1980 meters.

Felt good, with the exception of the BandAid I kept swimming past near the middle of the pool.  And the fact that that water was waaaaay too cloudy. Cloudy, I suspect, from a day full of munchkins and you-know-what. Eeek. Note to self: do not swallow the water, do not swallow the water.

Heebie jeebies. But the BandAid was the worst. Reminded me of my fellow TriCrowd blogger, Joel’s article on open water swim fears.  That gooey bandage was up there with gators in the open water for me (real gators and University of Florida folks too. I kid, I kid.)

Somewhere around 500 meters, three toes on my right foot started cramping and curling under.  Lawd.  Crazy stuff.  I kept going, thinking…if I’m in a race, I have to keep moving, cramped feet and all. I enjoyed the chance to flatten the gimpy toes at the wall each turn, so that was nice.  But those darn toes stayed cramped and curled most of the swim.

Still.  Toes and all, I feel like I made a good step back in the swim game tonight.  And after another solid day of vegan grub…I think today goes down in the books as toe curling goodness.

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