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Rethinking my October Ironman Miami 70.3 insanity today. 

Funny Sports Ecard: As if your swimming weren't embarassing enough.... Now you are going to ride a bike and run too? I really don't think this friendship is working out for me.

That brick was rough yesterday. And then I’m going to add on another twenty miles on the bike and ten miles on the run… oh, and after a little dip in the ocean? 

I will concede, yes, I do have nineteen more weeks to figure this out.  People lose 100 pounds in nineteen weeks on Biggest Loser (not really a great analogy, but kinda all I’ve got).

I will also concede that I am insane.  How to reconcile the two?  Hmmmmm…. 

And here’s my washing machine injury. Lame.

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