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70.3 Bliss

The Expert and I are celebrating (perhaps a better word is “noticing”) our ten year anniversary in October.  I always said that for our ten-year deal, we would throw a huge party with lots of wine, booty-shaking and general craziness.

Instead of opting for the party, we opted for a really strange party: 70.3 Miami. October 30.  Eleven days after our anniversary.

And I can think of no better gift than finishing half-iron with my dearest know-it-all friend.

I went on a 2300m lunchtime swim today. I was a little rushed, pulling it off during a work day, but it was fabulous.  The sun was shining and I didn’t have to think about law or kids or anything for a solid hour. But I did think alot about 70.3.

And what a crazy dream it is. (Not to mention what a long way I have to go….sigh).

Which means…hardcore training (which has commenced).  And as such, there will be no more of this.

Or this.

Which inevitably leads to something like this.

Or this.

So.  Here comes the training.  And as I was swimming today, thinking about 70.3 dreamy things, I remembered having a convo with Great Wall Lizzie about the Oly distance when I registered last December.  Great Wall Lizzie is one of my legal eagle friends… she ran the Great Wall of China marathon in 2010.  Yes, she’s crazy, and I heart her.  I like her especially because I can run all my crazy fitness ideas past her first…making sure all the proper questions have been addressed.

Me:   So, I am thinking I should sign up for this Olympic distance triathlon.
Liz:    You should do it.
Me:   It’s really far.  For me.
Liz:    Do it.
Me:   Like a mile swim, 26 miles on the bike, and 10K.
Liz:    Do it.
Me:   But I was thinking—-
Liz:    —Do it.

So I registered a few weeks later for my first Oly distance. Oh, and I registered the Expert.  Who said something like, “Rock on.”

Then, I told Great Wall Lizzie that I wanted to do Half  Iron.  Mind you. After I had not completed an Oly.  And after I only had a sprint tri under my belt. And that tri didn’t work out so well for me.

So that was pretty much it.  As you can imagine, when I walked into Great Wall Lizzie’s office back in February with my brilliant new 70.3 plan, it went something like this:

Me:  I think I want to sign up for Miami 70.3.  It’s eight months away and I think—-
Liz:  —Do it.
Me:  What are you? A freaking Nike commercial?
Liz:   No. Nike is “just do it.”  I said “do it.”
So, I had Great Wall Lizzie in my corner.

Next up, was the Expert.  This race was, afterall, replacing the big ten-year anniversary blow-out.  I didn’t know how he would react. 

Me:   So I signed myself up for a Half Ironman.
Expert:  How far is that? 
Me:   Half of an Ironman.  Get it?
Expert:  Oh. I knew that.  (of course he did)
Me:   It’s 70.3 Miami.
Expert: What is 70.3?
Me:   The Half Iron.
Expert:  What?
Me:   For the love… the miles. You know like the Ironman is 140.6?
Expert: Oh.  (pause) Right, right, right.
Me:   So what do you think?
Expert:  Sounds hard. When is it? 
Me:   October. Anniversary time.
Expert:  Okay. 
Me:    I registered you too.
Expert:  Okay.
Me:   Did you hear me? 
Expert:  Oh yes. I would expect nothing less from you. 
Me:   Alrighty then. Bring it.
Expert: Bring it, bitches.  
Ten years of wedded bliss.  Of course it is.  When his response to my 70.3 lunacy is “bring it, bitches”….I know without a doubt that I married the right man.  

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