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Expert:   Will you be mad at me if I go to space?

Me:        What?

Expert:   Space.  Seriously.  I feel like I need to go to space.

Me:         (Ignoring him)

Expert:    Are you listening?  I am so going to space. I will go to space.

Me:          Why don’t you clean up your kitchen space?

Expert:     What does it cost to go to space?

Me:           …..More than we have.

Expert:     ….More than you have. I am going to space.

Me:          Oh.  So you have a separate bank account.
                 Whatever.  Is the account full of cookies?

Expert:     Oh, I am so in space.

Me:           Super. Ask the monkeys if they’ll keep you.

Expert:      You are just jealous.

Me:           No. The monkeys can have you.  Dear Monkeys, take this Jackass to Space.

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