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Operation: Do Not Get as Big as Boat

So, I started this new job (love). But I am all off kilter with routine and schedule, I don’t know which way is up. And workout?  Today?  Nope.  Boo. The simple fact that I drive to a new office is throwing me for clumsy loops.  Not surprising.  I am Swim Bike Klutz, afterall.

The Expert just hopped a flight to NY, and we are heading out on our *first vacation cruise* ever on Thursday.  The things that are awesome about this cruise:
1) it’s our first one, and
2) it’s the New Kids on the Block cruise (come on, ladies….hold your shrieks of glee!)


Yes, it all started out as a bit of a joke, going on the New Kids cruise… but then Danny! Donnie! Jordan! Joe! and Jon! The thought of not going…. I couldn’t stand it.  By the way, this is me in the picture below (far left, goofy, with glasses) at the NKOTB concert in Atlanta back in 2008.  
I was huge and pregnant with my Stella, and I was still hoping a New Kid would take this Big Kid, pregnant with kid, home… ha. 

The best part is that I am dragging the Expert along my crazy cruise adventures.  It’s not as if the boat isn’t a standard cruise.  There will be cruise things for him to do while I am finding Danny to marry me on board… oh, I really should not be typing all this.

Anyway.  Excited about the trip. But scared.

Seeing as how I emailed Coach Monster a few minutes ago with the subject line “Bad Athlete” and then explained my sorrow for missing my workouts today.  Seeing as how I will have access to limitless buffets of buttery things on this cruise (and no, I do not mean the New Kids)… I am feeling a little Operation Miami Mission 70.3 derailed.

What to do?

Do I really try and stay on hard-nosed track with my workouts and eat carrots on this trip?  Or just be moderate? Get moving a little, do my workouts, but have a good time (e.g., cheese, wine and peanut butter covered anything).

Having a good balance has never been my strong suit…


Knowing me… I will be found somewhere on Half Moon Cay… passed out in the sand, extremely sunburned, wearing an inappropriate bikini along with my Shimanos, clutching a Corona and babbling about big triathlon dreams….

Damn right!  That means I did vacation right!  Oh yeah!

Help me. Please…

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