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Cruising Back Into Training

So I have returned from the New Kids on the Block cruise-a-palooza 2011.  What an incredible hoot.  I could not have asked for a more fabulous, hilarious, fun time.  And the ladies?  They loved the Expert.  All I heard: “OMG, what an amaaaaaaazing husband to come on this cruise!”  Yeah yeah.  Okay… he’s pretty amazing. 

As far as my health goals. I managed to eat and drink (alot), but I also managed to do some (not all) of my workouts.  

Three awesome things about the cruise experience from a SBM perspective:

1)  I dragged myself out of bed for an early morning run on Friday, and low and behold, I ended up on a treadmill right next to Danny Wood (one of the fabulous five, and my personal “fav” New Kid for his fitness prowess).

Not like the gym was crowded on this cruise, so the Expert and I had free reign of the gym, sauna, and steam room… and apparently, a little jog next to a New Kid.  Sweetness.   If only I had my camera.  But  like the Expert said, he would have taken a picture of me running next to Danny, and the flash would have startled Danny resulting in him falling off the treadmill and breaking his face.  Then I would be to blame.  Swim Bike Klutz goes cruising, taking down one of the New Kids.

2) I would have never worked out on vacation before.  And I did.  Three times.  Baby miracle.  And as you can see from above… the gym was not a hopping place.  That one person working out in the distance? That’s the Expert.

3) During the time on the beach, instead of concentrating on the badass New Kids concert happening before my eyes, I could only repeatedly kick myself for leaving my goggles on the boat, because the open water swimming would have been divine.

So I am back.  And that means the vacay is officially over, and time to take this 70.3 bull by the horns!

After one more sandwich….


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