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Today was a garbage day.  Yuck.  Ickiness.  General stinkola.   Full of just stupid life garbage.  But….

My run was great, my perspective was straight, and thank God for another day.  And also another day of triathlon.  Sometimes life sucks so bad… triathletes would rather swim, bike and run all back to back, just to feel grateful, alive and well.

And I am all of those things:  grateful. alive. well.

I can give alot of thanks to my recent involvement raising some baby funds for the Getting2Tri Foundation and getting to know its founder, Mike Lenhart…who I have now *officially* nicknamed, McBlessing.   I know he’s relieved to have a name.

Thank you, McBlessing  (and Giggles!) for your hardwork and giving me some much needed perspective. I know I said it yesterday.  But it warrants a re-say.  Thank you.

McBlessing told me that he rarely has a bad day, because he’s surrounded by heroes.  What an amazing feeling.  As a lawyer, I’m not sure I can say the same.  But…life is…. really, full of everyday heroes.  People surmounting unbelievable obstacles and doing it under terribly difficult circumstances. My goal is to open my eyes and catch all of these everyday heroes.

Life is a McBlessing. Period.  I’m aiming to start living it.

As for St. Anthony’s…..FIVE DAYS FIVE DAYS FIVE DAYS! Tomorrow is spin.  Thursday is teeny swim and run…. and Friday — pack it on up and head on down!  Woooo hooo!