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Triathlon Savings

I am ticking down the time until I get to ride my spin bike and watch Kona 2010…. one hour. 

The babies and I are having movie night, and they are much more interested in Despicable Me (than Me), but it’s been nice and quiet for once.  Once the babes are in bed, I will put on really “attractive” clothing, my clickety shoes, turn on the Ironman, and jam some Eminem….bike base workout time.

Second to actual spin class, it’s my favorite workout of the week.  I get to go super-fast… while going absolutely nowhere at all.  Much like the legal profession. Smokin’, baby!

Speaking of smoking… did you know that a person who smokes a pack a day on average spends $1,600 a year on cigarettes?  Run those numbers over a course of a lifetime, compound some interest, and there’s retirement.  Same goes for lattes.  Me and my Starbucks over 40 years = $30,000.   A Big Mac attack once a week over the course of a lifetime? $10,000. Bizarre.
Quitting smoking, drinking caffeine and eating fast food alone over a lifetime could nearly make a person a millionaire. 

Unless that persn takes up triathlon…then that’s where the money will go.  I’ve quit Starbucks, but my $11 BodyGlide, $20 Designer Whey, and $17 Cytomax… plus everything else has moved right into its place. 

Oh well.  I can save for retirement after I finish the Ironman.  So… October 2012?  🙂

Have a great weekend, everyone!

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