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On Days Like This…

….I want to swim, bike, run my way right out of the legal profession.

Well, maybe I can’t do that yet.  But what about heading out to work at the nearest Starbucks?

I cannot imagine the luxury of leaving work for the day… and really leaving it there….sitting until the morning. Not worrying about it.  The Starbucks cups have no deadlines or research.  Turn the lights out at quitting time and the cups are still there in the morning.  Can’t make lattes in advance.  No one is sitting at the drive-thru ready to pummel you with a bat.  Your job is literally done when you walk out the door.

It has been so long since I’ve gone to bed without completely fretting about work, the living/breathing/whispering files sitting on my desk, the list of to-dos that I will never even scratch the surface upon, the things I should be drafting, reading, reviewing….the endless list of statutes, opinions and cases I will never get to read, but I should read because someone in my position just “should know” these things.

A job that has an end to the day.  I wonder…


I hope that I can be super good at triathlon.  Finish Miami 70.3 this year.  Finish some random Ironman race next year.  And then… go pro by 2016.  I really don’t think that’s too much to accomplish.  Especially on my crunched schedule.  Totally possible.

Double bollocks.

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