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A Face Only a Coach Could Love

Yesterday was my day “off”  (from training, that is).  I was thankful.  I still can’t really move any body parts this morning.

My “Coach” (why I keep putting that in quotes, I don’t know) is headed to a coaching clinic in Texas for a few days.  It’s not like he’s an in-person coach anyway – so it doesn’t really effect me. He sends me workouts; I do them; I complain; and he tells me to suck it up.

But I did tell him to ask lots and lots of questions at the coaching clinic about how to train people like me: 1) those who ask stupid things; 2) whose minds write bigger checks than said bodies can cash; and 3) who don’t know how to handle anything that includes “plank,” “bilateral,” or “fartlek”.

He’s very nice.  Says the proper coaching things to me “no such thing as stupid questions” and “you’re going to kick ass this year.”  Thank goodness. What if he would have agreed with me – that I ask stupid questions and suck at bilateral breathing?  Hmmmm…that just sounds foul….

Some people are very gifted at coaching, therapy, teaching and that sort of thing.  Power to them.  I have the patience of a pitbull, but I want my coaches, teachers and others to be super patient with me. I’m a high-maintenence sissy with a face of cluelessness that only a coach could love. Oh well.

Swim today.  Oh, and more planks.   For now, time to get dressed and start working….

Son of a….

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