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Training & Complaining – Workout Log

Week of January 9
Sunday:       Swim; 1/2 mile
Monday:      Spin bike at home (snowed in) 1 hour
Tuesday:      Rest.
Wednesday: Spin bike at home (1:15:00)
Thursday:    Yoga; 60 minutes
Friday:         Spin at home; 1:20:00
Saturday:     Pool swim; 40 minutes, drills

Pounds Down This Week:
0.5 (but this is in light of losing 8 the week before –
just fine with me – that’s an average of 4.25 pounds each week)

This was a great week, considering that we experienced lots of snow and couldn’t get out.  The Expert and I worked out at home and ate pretty well -lots of produce. We ate completely through our veg and fruit.  I did not cut back on the caffeine, but did reach the workout goals of two spin workouts, yoga and two swims.  And I also saw the chiropractor, and I feel great.  So two out of three – ain’t bad.
The swim today was so much easier since seeing the chiropractor. I was able to go 4-5 strokes without a breath – and I know it was the chiro. I swear I can breathe better. Amazing.

This Coming Week:
Goal: one run/jog/walk on Sunday; two really tough spin bike workouts, a yoga/strech day, and two swims. I will see the chiropractor again on Wednesday. I would like to be down 3 pounds by the end of this week, but I have a girls’ night out Friday, that might derail my diet. I hope to be strong, but wine and bread is just too fun. 🙂

Happy moving!

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