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Three Gyms

The Expert and I are members of three gyms.  Yes.  Three.   And yet, we are horrifically out of shape. Go figure.  But here’s the key.  I have a great athletic club near my work (where Ironwoman S and Ironman G exist); the Expert has a club in Athens, and now we have a club near the house.  Well, the “club” being the ole YMCA. 

That way. We really have no excuse.

But I am so excited with the Y membership. That means I can actually workout/swim on the weekends.  Working from home two days a week, I was lost with my swim workouts, thinking I could only manage one a week.  But now.. sky’s the limit (as always, I guess!).  I can swim as much as necessary.

Spin workout yesterday.  Half mile swim workout today at the Y.  Oh, and I learned how to do a real flip turn. I’m sucking wind, but I’m believing it all possible.

Mussels and white wine for dinner. Babies heading to bed in 10 minutes.  A husband I can’t wait to really see. I feel like a trillion bucks.  Really, I do.

This week has been amazing. 2011, while already full of some interesting turns…is proving to be beautiful.  I feel sane.  I feel healthy.  I feel good.  That’s been more than I could say of early 2010.  Therefore – people, we have progress.

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