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St. Anthony’s

Not ready to give up yet from the old lady hip, I registered for St. Anthony’s Triathlon in May.  And I registered the Expert, too.  Which is awesome.  One mile swim, 24 mile bike, 10K (6 mile) run. Is it possible?

The funny thing about the registration for St. Anthony’s was the categories of racers.  When I registered, I had to pick my category. 

I fell into two categories:  1) First Timers; and 2) “Athena” racers.

I called the Expert because I didn’t know which one to register.  I will be a first timer at the Olympic distance event.  And I also fall into the latter category, which (ahem) is for “Women 150+ pounds”. 

He said, “Go with your people. Be with the large ladies.”

Didn’t hurt my feelings in the slightest. He is right. I will feel better in my wetsuit looking around at fellow larger ladies in neoprene.  The first timers could be lifelong cyclists who decided to try out swimming. They could be hardbodies.  Athena is perfect.

And to mirror the Expert’s sentiment, I registered him for the category of Clydesdales.  The male equivalent of the Athenas (!). 
Anyway, I had my MRI today.  Results to arrive on Friday.  I better be making up this pain. Any real injury is going to be so disappointing.  I will spin on Friday just in case it’s my last spin class ever.  I still have high hopes for eating trash at the firm holiday party this weekend, and then getting on my bike on Sunday to get cracking for St. Anthony’s.

Put it out into the universe for me, people.  Athena needs a win.

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