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Merry Get Moving

Tomorrow is Christmas Eve, and to be my first workout in about four weeks.  I am so ready to get back in the saddle (literally) and moving.  I’ve managed to eat junk and sit like a slug for the better part of December, and that’s done me no good physically or mentally.

Not sure if Ironman G’s class is the place to start, but at least he has rocking playlists to cut through the pain. Still, I am not able to run for another month or so, but I will be able to spin and swim, and I am looking forward to moving again.

I am starting my New Year’s resolutions early this year – the day after Christmas.   Why wait a week?

Here are my health related resolutions:
1) Vegetarian, primarily vegan, diet
2) Run, bike, swim five days a week
3) Yoga once a week
4) Complete St. Anthony’s (May)
5) Complete Nations Triathlon (September)
6) Run a half marathon for my 32nd birthday

These are big ones, but that’s the whole point.  

Sound mind, sound body.

Get busy living, or get busy dying.  

Merry Christmas, happy holidays and a wonderful 2011 to you!

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