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Good Things

Good things!

1) My MRI showed that my hip has a contusion/hemotoma/edema (e.g., a bruised, but not fractured, bone with fluid ands weeling) in two places. (This is not the good news). The doctor repeatedly asked me, “Have you fallen recently? Are you sure?” And I was thinking, “no no,” totally forgetting my embarrassing wipeout at the October sprint triathlon.  (That wipeout, also was not good news). BUT rest and therapy should heal the bone injury.  That is the good news, and I am hopeful.

2) I am allowed to spin, swim and non-impact exercise.

3) I am not allowed to run (which is a good excuse for a rest).

4) Tonight is our firm holiday party, which probably means lots of fun/funny things in store. See below. The Expert last year.  Caterpillar.

5) St. Anthony’s does not look so much like a pipe dream.  A little (ahem, alot) of dedication and rest, and I’ll believe I’ll be there. And hopefully won’t be falling off my bike.  Yaay.

Happy Friday, everyone.

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