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Good lawd it was chilly this morning. I went for a swim in the outdoor pool. Apparently, the hardcore triathlon people do not like the pools heated because it does not simulate actual triathlon swimming, and therefore, the club tends to listen to them. I needed a wetsuit. Brrrrrr.

Also, my knee was bugging me a little bit this morning, so I tried to just focus on the pull/stroke motion and let my legs drag along behind me like old, worn out tree limbs. Not too far away from this analogy. I felt pretty good though, despite the cold and the tree limbs. I actually was able to do about fifteen laps without stopping, which is huge for me. The first day I tried to swim, I was sucking wind after one lap. I see the most progress in swimming. And I really like smelling like chlorine all day at work. Really, I do.

My head has been a little messed up since coming back from Australia and I am trying to regain focus on my random list of goals, life in general and work. I am definitely not back in the rut, but I am in something else that feels like mud. I am hoping it’s more of the panic before the breakthrough. Oh, and I think I am experience a bit of a mid-life (or a one-third life) crisis. That’s a whole other issue.

Anyway, so I am trying to tell myself that everyday is a new day, and every day I am getting stronger and faster and less dead. When Stella was eight weeks old, I decided to start working out again. I ran for one mile on the treadmill. It took me something like seventeen minutes to complete. I almost choked on my own breath, and I ended up with stone bruises on both feet that took over a week to heal. One measley mile. Well, last week, I ran a mile before my spin class. As a warm up. And it was no big deal. This is progress. Two years in the making, but progress. I choose to focus on the gains.

Workout = 60 lengths = 0.85 mile swim = 40 minutes = slowpoke, but just fine with me.

Oh, and there’s no reason to include this picture except… it’s funny.

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