Everything is AWESOME!

6.85 weeks until Ironman Florida 70.3.

But who is counting?  Actually, all I do these days is some sort of numerical countdown… Anyway.


I am kind of taking this race on Expert-style, meaning that I am throwing a hail Mary and hoping I don’t end up in the medical tent.  (Interestingly, this is the first time that the Expert is taking on a race fully-prepared… what is happening around here!?).

He’s been training with fellow PTS Sports coach, Chris, and hitting his workouts very regularly.


Now, I haven’t stopped training, but I have fallen off significantly since Augusta last year.

Nothing like  a big goal to shake things up.


My base is still significantly here, as I proved over the weekend with a 2000 meter swim followed by a seven mile run.  (Actually, a 7 miler which was a PR time-wise. Weird.  So… what the heck is that about?), and a 2 hour trainer ride on Sunday followed by more running.


Beast Mode has not fully commenced, but it’s close. Very very close.

Working with Coach T-Bone has done wonders for shaking up my running speed… so I am loving that.  I am running so much more efficiently, and also fast.  Fast and I do not get along, but it’s fast for me.

Fun indoor cycling class at PTS Sports on Sunday too.


While Florida will not be setting any land speed records, I think it will be a great race and a chance to put myself back out there again.


 (If you have seen The Lego Movie, you are understanding this ^^^^)

Lots and lots of stuff going on with the Swim Bike Family.

We are under contract for a new house, which means—yep—MOVING again. Lawdy.  But, hopefully, we can move after Florida and then get on with being settled and all that AFTER the 70.3.


I am still struggling ENORMOUSLY with the thought of settling down…for like, forever.  I don’t know what is wrong with me!  We have bought houses before. We have moved before. But this time is cuckoo for me.

The house is AMAZING.  The community where we are moving is AMAZING.  The schools are off the charts AMAZING for the Swim Bike Kids. (And public! Cha-ching! No more private school cost. Love that. Word.)

I think I’m having a mid-life crisis at 34.  I need to snap out of it.  Because…


I mean, it really is, though. Things are good. Life is grand.  I’m just in a weird funk about all of it.  Maybe I just don’t want to pack.  Three moves in one year, and I never purchased any stock in mailing tape. Dumb!

Then, I have a recent compulsion—like I need another one… but I have been taking (and re-taking!) the Myers-Briggs personality test. Like trying to change my results.

And every single stinking time, I get ISFJ!   Introverted. Sensing. Feeling. Judging.

“The basic attitude of ISFJs is one of fatalism: things are what they are and little can be done to change them. It is not uncommon for ISFJs to carry the sins of the world on their shoulders; and they easily accept the blame for malfunctions and mistakes.”


Sweet new shirts are here!

WHAT? That doesn’t sound good. So I am thinking – there is NO way that I am introverted. 

To which the Expert says, “Duh you are.  All your friends are in your computer.”  Oh.


And then I start thinking about it, in relation to the move, and settling down. And cue, light bulb.

I am incredibly nervous (though it may not appear so on the outside) about meeting new people.  Nervous about people in my personal space.  Nervous about fitting in. About neighbors.  I am freaked out about moving to this great community with neighbors—new people, who I know are perfectly awesome—but I am freaked.

And I blame my personality type. So I’m trying to change it…. so I can get extrovert!  

“I’m your neighbor! Come inside the house and sit down, stay a while!!”  Eeeeeeek.


Swim Bike Girl (right) in a neighborhood foot race yesterday :)

I can’t change to extrovert overnight. Plus, it’s not like if I manipulate the test results that’s going to actually change anything.  I can’t will myself to be completely comfortable meeting  new people.

Or can I?

As we were talking last night, the Expert brought up an excellent point.  As stated many times prior, the dude comes by his nickname honestly.

Me:          I just can’t handle meeting all these new people. The neighborhood! AHhhh!

Expert:  (Sarcastically) Yeah, you really have a hard time getting out of your comfort zone.

Me:      What does that mean?

Expert:  Mere.  You put on Spandex and run.  You went from no-athlete to triathlete to Ironman. Get a grip.  This is a situation where you are outside of your comfort zone, but so what?  Make a point to become a neighbor–like you did a triathlete–and own it.

Me:      I knew it!  You really did read my book.

Expert:  No, I didn’t.   :)

Wow.  So, it kind of makes sense.  Yes, I am out of my comfort zone with a move, with a real neighborhood and community. With one that we will likely stay in. Yes, I am scared.  We have never had that.

But it’s no different than my first (or next) triathlon.  Scary? Yes.  Impossible? Hell no. It just all takes work and thoughtful dedication to the cause.

“ISFJs should also pay more attention to their workload and not hesitate to voice their concerns if it becomes unbearable.”

Wait a second…


So anyway… I am working on being positive and relaxing and not worrying about what’s coming down the line.

Because it doesn’t change anything, really. I have to get a hold of my emotions and go with the flow.  I must be a good neighbor.


(Mr. Rogers. My favorite introvert of all time)

Swim. Bike. Run. Neighbor. Breathe. Repeat. 




  1. CB says

    Everything is awesome
    Everything is cool when you’re part of a team
    Everything is awesome, when we’re living our dream

  2. AMZ says

    Mere- Read Quiet by Susan Cain. She is a lawyer that began researching and then wrote about being an introvert. You will learn so much about yourself! Also, being social doesn’t mean you’re an introvert. It is how being around all of those people affects you. I am social, but introverted. My sister is social and extroverted. The difference is after a day spent with people and socializing, I’m wiped out and she is energized. She likes to talk in large groups, I focus on one on one or small groups of 3 no more than 4. Things like that are the difference. Introvert does not automatically equal shy.

  3. KarenWW says

    I was going to come to recommend the book Quiet as well. I listened to it last month and really related to it. I too am an introvert and instead of getting down on myself for some of the ways that it manifests, I’m accepting those things and understanding why I react to different situations. Highly recommend.

  4. says

    I’m an ISFJ too and I can totally relate to the neighbor thing because we’re moving in a few months and those are the same exact things I’m nervous about! For the record, if you moved into my neighborhood, I’d LOVE to meet you and be neighbor friends and wear spandex and train for triathlons together and I’m sure that your new neighbors will feel the same way… well, maybe minus the spandex part. Also, the Expert is so wise. Reason #487534 why he earned that name. And you’re an IRONMAN and you’re awesome, so there’s that.

  5. Lisa says

    My theme song! I completely identify as a fellow introvert. I’ve been going to the same gym for three years and finally started talking to people this year:)

    You’re going to own this tri. I can’t wait for the race report!

  6. says

    I hear ya. We are moving to the Atlanta area this summer. I haven’t even met that many of my neighbors here in Iowa yet and it’s been 4+ years ……. Maybe I should move by you and we can be introverted triathletes together!

  7. Heidi Rees says

    LOVE it!! I saw the lego movie with my 10 year old son and his friend, and guess what, I fell asleep! I guess it was from biking indoors for 3 hours the day before that got me! I’m so excited for you and your family, that you get to move to an great neighborhood, house, and great schools!! What could be more difficult? I live on a Mountain, just outside of Couer d’Alene, ID and have to drive through 1 1/2 feet of snow just to get my kids to school, and then hit the gym. You are lucky to have neighbors that have young families! 3 out of the 4 neighbors that we do have are retired. Enjoy the time you get to make new friends, and starting over! You never know what wonderful, lifetime friends you have on the horizon!( I bought your racing kit and I’m very excited about looking more feminine in my race this year! And yet tough…) 😉

  8. says

    Another ISFJ here and I feel your pain! We have lived in our neighborhood for 3 years and I know the people on either side of us by name, but very little else about them… Anyone else on the street that we have met is because of my VERY EXTROVERTED 11 year old son… 😉

  9. Bobby says

    I actually met Mr. Rogers many years ago while diving in Penecamp Park in Marathon Key. They were there filming a special show about underwater life. That man is not an actor. He is the same in real life as he is while in front of the camera.

    I once read he was so devoted to consistency that he weighed himself every day to make sure he was always the same weight. Now that is some serious dedication (often referred to as neuroses).


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